Science and Function

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  1. Acc
  2. EOM
    Extraocular Movement
  3. ECCE
    Extracapsular Cataract Extraction
  4. IOL
    Intraocular Lens
  5. VA
    Visual Acuity
  6. OU
    • Oculus Uterque
    • Both Eyes
    Pupils Equal, Round, React to Light, Accomodation
  8. OS
    • Ocular Sinister
    • Left Eye
  9. sc
    without correction
  10. REM
    Rapid Eye Movement
  11. OD
    • Ocular Dexter
    • Right Eye
  12. VF
    Visual Field
  13. Sclera
    White portion of the eye
  14. Iris
    Colored portion of the eye
  15. Conjuctiva
    Thin mucous membrane lining the outer surfaces of the eye
  16. Optic Disc
    Blind Spot
  17. Canthus
    Edge of the eye
  18. Choroid
    Vascular, Middle Layer of the Eyeball
  19. Lens
    The structure that aids in focusing images clearly
  20. Retina
    • Innermost Layer of the Eye
    • Contains Rods and Cones
  21. Cornea
    • Translucent covering over the Iris
    • The "Windshield"
  22. Cones
    Nerve cells responsible for seeing colors
  23. Pupil
    The opening within the Iris controlling the amount of light entering the eye.
  24. Accomodation
    The ability to focus on objects at various distances
  25. Astigmatism
    Blurred vision caused by an abnormally shaped cornea or lens
  26. Cataract
    Cloudiness of the Lens
  27. Emmetropia
    Normal Vision
  28. Exotropia
    Obvious outward turning of one eye in relation to the other
  29. Glaucoma
    Ocular disorder caused by an increase in intraocular pressure
  30. Hordeolum
    A stye
  31. Hyperopia
  32. Myopia
  33. Nyctalopia
  34. Refraction
    Bending of light rays
  35. Strabismus
    Weakness in the musclesof the eye preventing the eyes from gazing in the same direction
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