1. How many letters are attributed to Paul?

    • 1 Romans
    • 2 I Corinthians
    • 3 II Corinthians
    • 4 Galatians
    • 5 Ephesians
    • 6 Phillipians
    • 7 Colossians
    • 8 I Thessalonians
    • 9 II Thessalonians
    • 10 I Timothy
    • 11 II Timothy
    • 12 Titus
    • 13 Philemon
  2. The Pauline Letters regularly begin by identifying the sender and the ___?
    The epistles are similar in form.  They regularly begin by identifying the sender ands recipients and extending greetings.
  3. The body of each letter deals with specific what?
    The body of each letter deals with specific issues that confront the congregation or person to whom Paul is writing.
  4. What appears at the end of Paul's letters?
    Personal remarks and greetings appear at the conclusion of the letters.
  5. Which letter do some people question whether Paul wrote?
    Some question whether Paul wrote Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, and the three "Pastoral Epistles" I Timothy, II timothy, and Titus.
  6. Paul promised to visit the Christians in Rome on his way to where?
  7. The letter to the Romans suggests that salvation is both for the Jews and who?
    The theme of the Romans is that the gospel is the power of God for salvation for both Jews and gentiles. Romans 1:16-17
  8. Paul teaches that sin is what?
    Paul shows that sin is a universal human condition and that people must live by faith as Abraham had done. Romans c1-3.
  9. Paul assures that who intercedes for them?
    Although God's people suffer in this world, Paul assures them that the Spirit intercedes for them with sighs too deep for words. Romans 8:26
  10. in the final section of Romans, Paul asked Christians to present their bodies as what?
    The final section of the letter exhorts Christians to present their bodies as living sacrifices remaining obedient to the governing authorities and bearing weaker members of their community. Romans 12-16
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