Guidon - Medal of Honor Recipients

  1. The Medal of Honor was first awarded ___ years prior to Virginia Tech's establishment during the Civil War.
  2. What was Captain Antoine A. M. Gaujot's graduating class?
  3. What was Colonel Julien E. Gaujot's graduating class?
  4. Captain Gaujot and Colonel Gaujot are the only brother pair to receive the Medal of Honor for actions in ___.
    Different wars
  5. Antoine Gaujot received the medal for actions as an Army corporal at the ___.
    Battle of San Mateo during the Philippine Insurrection.
  6. Julien Gaujot received the medal for actions on the ___ in ___.
    Mexican Border, 1914.
  7. Julien Gaujot is the only soldier ever awarded the Medal for true actions of a ___ nature.
  8. In Colonel Gaujot's story, fighting between Mexican rebels and a government troop left gunfire from across the Mexican border which accidentally killed some Americans in ___ during the ___.
    Douglas Arizona, Madero revolution
  9. What was Colonel Gaujot's horse's name?
    Old Dick
  10. Colonel Gaujot's actions saved ___
    Five Americans taken prisoner, 25 Mexican soldiers, and various Americans and Mexican rebels.
  11. Julien Gaujot served in the army in which years?
    1897 - 1934.
  12. Which five major engagements did Julien Gaujot participate in?
    Spanish-American, Philippine Insurrection, Cuban Pacification, Mexican Border, and World War I.
  13. Julien Gaujot received ___ on his service ribbon for action in two major World War I offensives.
    Two bronze leaves
  14. Where did both Gaujot brothers die?
    Williamson, West Virginia
  15. When did Antoine Gaujot die?
    April 14, 1936
  16. When did Julien Gaujot die?
    April 7, 1938
  17. Sergeant Earle D. Gregory was a native of ___.
    Chase City
  18. What was Sergeant Gregory's graduating class?
  19. Earle Gregory was a graduate of ___.
    Fork Union Military Academy
  20. Sergeant Gregory studied ___ at Virginia Tech.
    Electrical Engineering
  21. As a senior at Virginia Tech, Earle Gregory was:
    A Cadet Captain and Company Commander, President of the Corps of Cadets, and selected as Most Popular Cadet.
  22. Sergeant Gregory received the Medal of Honor for actions as an Army Sergeant during the ___
    Meuse Argonne Offensive in WWI.
  23. True or False: Sgt. Gregory was the first native Virginian to receive the Medal of Honor
  24. True or False: Sgt. Gregory captured 19 of the enemy
  25. 1Lt. Monteith earned his Medal of Honor in
    World War 2
  26. 1Lt. Monteith was a graduate of the class of
  27. True or false: There is a hall named in honor of 1Lt Moteith
  28. Which service was Sgt. Thomas in?
    Marine Corps
  29. Sgt. Thomas fought in World War__
  30. True or False: There is a hall named for Sgt. Thomas
  31. How did Sgt. Thomas earn his Medal of Honor?
    He jumped on a grenade
  32. What VPI class was 2Lt Femoyer?
  33. Which service did 2Lt Femoyer join?
    Army Air Corps
  34. What plane did 2Lt Femoyer fly?
  35. How did 2Lt. Femoyer earn his Medal of Honor?
    despite being mortally wounded and rapidly loosing blood he guided his plane for 2.5 hours to the English Channel and died.
  36. 1Lt Shea was a member of which class?
  37. True or False: 2Lt. Shea is said to be the greatest track star to attend Virginia Tech
  38. 1Lt Shea fought in which war?
  39. How many times did the enemy try to attack 1Lt Shea’s forces?
    3 times
  40. How long did the battle in which 1Lt Shea earn his Medal of Honor last?
    3 days
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