1. prana
    vital energy of life; breath
  2. yama
    control; mastery; self-control
  3. pranayama
    the practice of gaining control over the breath; a type of yogic breath awareness and regulation exercise designed to help control one's vital energy
  4. ujjayi (yu-JYE-ee)
    victorious breathing, "to conquer" the chest swells like that of a conqueror; a type of pranayama breathing which develops awareness through drawing air in through both nostrils with the glottis held partially closed
  5. glottis
    the opening at the upper part of the larynx, between the vocal cords
  6. bandhas (BAHN-das)
    locks;  any of the three inner knots or locks that hold the pranic energy or psychic energy within certain areas (chakras) of the body
  7. Jalandhara Bandha (jahl-an-DAR-ah BAHN-da)
    chin lock, calms and contains the energy generated by vigorous breathing; it is performed by dropping the head slightly so that the chin is tucked close to the chest and the tongue pushes up against the palate in the mouth. It should be engaged for all yoga postures except when the head is turned or raised as in twisting movements or backbends, etc.
  8. breath of fire (or hot breath)
    a cleansing, stimulating breath that uses the body's own heat energy.  Inhalation and exhalation are forceful: the breath is exhaled with a strong contraction of the abdominal muscles, followed by a fast, vigorous inhaltion
  9. sitali  (see-TAH-lee) or cooling breath
    this cools and soothes the body and mind; curl tongue and extrude slightly, draw breath in through mouth, exhale through nostrils
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