Guidon - Corps Terms

  1. AA card
    Authorized absence card.  This card is placed on the cadet's door to indicate his/her whereabouts at all times
  2. Ace
    To max a test
  3. ACQ
    Afternoon Call to Quarters.  Quiet hours from 1300 - 1600.
  4. Brace Up
    A command given to new cadets meaning, "Come to Attention."
  5. BRC
    Breakfast Roll Call.  Morning formation.
  6. Bud
    A fellow member of a class who underwent Cadet Basic Training with you.  Usually ends in a lifelong friendship.
  7. Cenotaph
    The large granite stone on the WWII Memorial located between the eight pylons
  8. Cut
    To have an excused absence from a Corps activity such as formation
  9. Dragging
    The act in which a freshman bears to the right side of the hall while marching
  10. DRC
    Dinner Roll Call. Noon formation
  11. Ducks
    White dress pants worn with the uniform
  12. ECQ
    Evening Call to Quarters.  1800-2300 hours Sunday, and 1900-2300 Monday through Thursday, used as study time.  During this time, freshmen do not sound off, and all cadets are expected to maintain quiet in the dorms.
  13. Flag
    Excessive belt material not properly aligned
  14. Flame
    A cadet who diligently enforce the regulations and enjoys ragging on freshmen
  15. Friendship
    an activity of both unity and comradery that reaches far beyond the average profession relationship between cadets
  16. Fraternization
    Socializing outside of your class; being too friendly with superiors, subordinates; performing undue personal servitude
  17. Frat lock
    Lock to a cadet's room which prevents the door from closing
  18. Growley
    Morning meal; Breakfast Roll Call (BRC) formation
  19. GTD
    General Tightening Down, increased enforcement of regulations
  20. Guidon
    A unit's flag or standard; the new cadet knowledge publication
  21. Head
  22. Highty-Tighties
    The Regimental Band of the Corps of Cadets
  23. Hokie
    Any Virginia Tech student or alumni
  24. Horizontal Labs
    Afternoon snooze
  25. Hose
    To get a fellow classmate into trouble; person who commits the act
  26. Kangaroo
    VMI mascot, any VMI cadet or alumni
  27. Koofer
    Any test, quiz, or homework saved to be used to study for future exams.  Dates to early 40's.
  28. MCQ
    Morning Call to Quarters, 0800-1100.  More commonly used to refer to Marathon Call to Quarters, where ECQ standards are maintained through the entire day.
  29. Nuke
    Any freshman cadet
  30. OD
    Officer of the Day
  31. OD Wrap
    Senior wrap where both maroon pieces are worn
  32. OG
    Officer of the Guard
  33. OG Wrap
    Senior wraps where one crossbelt with chest brass is worn with bottom maroon sash
  34. Old Corps
    A condition harder than present.
  35. Old Lady
    Male cadet's roommate.  Used as far back as the 1880's
  36. Old Man
    Female cadet's roommate
  37. Pieing
    Hitting someone in the face with a shaving cream pie
  38. Pylons
    Statues above the War Memorial Chapel
  39. QCA
    Quality Credit Average
  40. Rack
    Bed in a cadet's room
  41. Rack Monster
    A fictional creature living in a cadet's room who induces the cadet to sleep through classes
  42. Rakt
    The act of sleeping in a rack
  43. Rag
    To "chew out" a freshman guilty of an infraction
  44. Rat
    A cadet who went through the system in the Old Corps; used as far back as 1888.
  45. Rattamore
    A cadet between his/her freshman and sophomore years; any cadet without a new cadet class below them.
  46. Rat Daddy/Momma
    Upperclassman who protects freshmen from harassment
  47. Rat Hole
    Storage area above the closets
  48. Rat Path
    Path behind Shultz Dining Hall used by freshmen
  49. Retreat
    Evening formation where the flag is lowered
  50. Rock
    The WWI Memorial between Brodie and Rasche
  51. Sails
    A handkerchief or napkin with the unit's logo on it which is worn by freshmen while under the new cadet system until VPI beats VMI in a major sport
  52. Shanks Plain
    Area behind Shanks Hall
  53. Shultz Plain
    Area in front of Shultz Dining Hall
  54. Skipper
    A senior without rank; the VTCC cannon
  55. Sound off
    To give the proper freshmen call; to blow the bugle; to give a loud order
  56. SRF
    Supper Roll Call, evening formation
  57. Stick or Treat
    A tradition which occurs around Halloween when the freshmen give candy to upperclassmen
  58. Tapped
    To be accepted as a candidate for membership into an organization
  59. Taps
    Lights out at 2300 hours; to pay tribute on a bugle to someone who has died
  60. Tour
    A period of time served as a punishment for excessive demerits
  61. VT
    Area in front of Lane Hall
  62. Wind Tunnel
    Entrance to Brodie Hall near the PAB, use is an upperclassman privilege
  63. Zebra
    A high-ranking cadet officer
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