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  1. PA Chest Projection Criteria
    • CR perp to level of T7
    • SID 72"
    • IR 1 1/2" above shoulders
    • Exposure made at end of 2nd full inspiration
    • Include both lungs from apices to costrophrenic angles
  2. Lateral Chest
    • Patient's left side against IR
    • Arms above head
    • Coronal plane is perp and sagittal plane is parallel to IR
    • CR perp to midthorax at level of T7
    • SID 72"
  3. AP semierect chest
    • CR angles caudad to be perp to long axis of sternum
    • CR to T7 (3-4" below jugular notch)
  4. What are the 3 differences between an AP non-ambulatory chest x-ray and a PA erect?
    • The heart will appear larger as a result of increased magnification from a shorter SID and increased OID of the heart
    • Possible pleural effusion can obscure lung markings
    • Usually inspiration will not be full
  5. Why is the AP lordotic chest performed?
    To rule out calcifications and masses beneath the clavicles
  6. If pt is too weak to stand how is the CR angled for an AP axial lordotic chest?
    15-20* cephalad to midsternum
  7. How much is the patient turned for a RAO or LAO of the chest?
    45* with either left anterior or right anterior shoulder against IR
  8. Where is the CR centered for a LAO or RAO projection of the chest?
  9. For anterior obliques the side farthest from the IR is the ________
    Side of interest
  10. In an oblique chest x-ray which oblique will best visualize the left lung?
  11. For a lateral projection of the upper airway where is the top of the IR positioned?
    At the level of the EAM
  12. Where is the CR centered for the lateral upper airway projection?
    Level of C6 or C7, midway between the laryngeal prominence of the thyroid cartilage and jugular notch
  13. What line is perp for an AP proj of the upper airway?
    Acanthiomeatal line
  14. where is the top of the IR located for an AP upper airway?
    1-1 1/2" below EAM
  15. Where is the CR centered for the AP upper airway?
    At level of T1-2 about 1" above jugular notch
  16. Where is the CR centered for  supine abdomen and what is the SID?
    • At the level of iliac crest, with bottom margin at symphysis pubis
    • 40"
  17. What is are the breathing instructions for abdominal X-rays?
    Exposure at end of expiration
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