1. 9
    • Here's a recap of our service. We do it the traditional way.
    • Based on this we made a SWOT analysis.
  2. 10
    • for the strength, our parent company has acquired experiences in matchmaking in the speed dating branch.
    • it already possess a developed data system and experience in staff training. Tiamo can obtain these experience at a low cost
    • for the weakness,as Tiamo is entering a new market, customers' feedback may deviate from our expectations
  3. 11
    • we identified 3 opportunities.
    • firstly, in this industry competition is keen, being the pioneer gives us exclusive advantages like being the first to build client database
    • secondly, single adults over 50 tend to have stable income and less materialistic wants, they are more likely to be able to pay for our service packages and sustain our sales.
    • thirdly, there's a general increase in acceptance towards remarriage and marrying at a later stage of life.It's also more common compared to the past.
  4. 12
    • we identified 3 threats as well
    • firstly, as the set-up cost for not high and the mode of operation can be easily copied, other companies may enter this market once they see its profitable, thus increasing our competition.
    • secondly, although there is a shift in values in the society, conservative parties may still frown over the idea of our service. Its essential to promote the idea that its acceptable to get a partner at any age.
    • lastly, we expect our customers to hold higher expectations for our service. Compared to other age groups, they would be more serious in finding a life-long partner. We must be able to deliver to their expectations.
  5. revenue
    • vip¬†membership-priority search ranking
    • sell advertisement space during events
  6. inaccurate
    • consider in the light of the risk and difficulties we may encounter as a young company in the rapidly evolving market
    • even when we are operating,cannot completely rely on prior records as an indication of future performance
  7. the online advertising
    listings on major search engine-third party website
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