Medical Emergencies

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  1. What two main lab values indicate an MI?
    CK-MB : first to be elevated, appears within 3-6 hr

    Troponin: peaks in 4-12 hrs
  2. nursing care for MI (3)
    thrombolytic therapy (tPA) if within 6 hrs

    bedrest -- relieve stress on heart, semi-fowlers

  3. medications given for tx of MI (4)
    beta blockers

    morphine  (reduces preload, afterload, anxiety)


    anticoagulants (heparin, coumadin)
  4. decorticate posturing
    flexion and interal rotation of forearms and hands

    result of contusion/head injury
  5. decerebrate posturing
    extension of arms and legs, pronation of arms

    due to head injury
  6. care of pt with increased intracranial pressure (6)
    VS hourly

    monitor LOC - pupils, muscle strength, verbal response, respiratory fx

    ELEVATE head of bead 30-45 degrees (promote venous drainage)

    support neck and prevent movement, no valsalva

    reduce environment stimulus

    restrict fluids
  7. immediate care for stroke (3)
    PATENT airway

    keep HOB 15-30 (prevent inc. ICP)

    admin thrombolytics within 3 hours onset of symptoms
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