Mix of Physiological and Procedures

  1. Def of Crohns Disease
    inflammatory condition of large or small intestine
  2. s/s of appendicitis (3)
    pain in RLQ at McBurneys pt (between umbilicus and right illiac crest)


    low grade fever, high white count
  3. def of cirrhosis
    replacement of normal liver tissue with widespread fibrosis and nodule formation
  4. circulatory s/s with cirrhosis (4)
    esophageal varices


    increased bleeding tendencies/anemia

    edema in extremities
  5. complications of cirrhosis (3)
    portal hypertension with esophageal varices

    peripheral edema and ascites

    hepatic encephalopathy
  6. fx of portal vein system
    carries blood from GI tract and spleen TO the liver

    major component of hepatic portal system
  7. nutritional care for cirrhosis (3)
    high protein, high calorie

    small frequent meals

    fluid restriction
  8. nursing care for cirrhosis (4)
    measure abdominal girth and weight daily

    maintain skin integ

    reduce exposure to infection

    reduce ascites (fluid restriction, diuretics)
  9. hepatic encephalopathy (3)
    result of cirrosis that is an accumulation of ammonia and other toxic metabolites in blood

    change in LOC

    can lead to coma
  10. cause of jaundice
    elevated bilirubin in blood
  11. def of cholecystitis
    inflammation of gallbladder that causes severe abd. pain

    caused by gallstones in gallbladder
  12. def of cholelithiasis
  13. nursing care for cholecystitis (3)

    low fats

    AVOID fried foods, pork, chees, alcohol
  14. nursing care for pancreatitis (4)

    monitor for hyperglycemia

    semi-fowler's position

    repiratory care (pt may have shallow breathing r/t pain) -- ABGs, TCDB Q2
  15. what is the best way to teach a toddler?
    simple directions
  16. what is best way to teach preschool and school aged children
    let them play with equipment
  17. what does a positive Homan's sign indicate
  18. normal Hgb
    men --13-18

    women 12-16
  19. purpose of creatinine lab test and normal value
    test of renal fx (increased with renal failure)

    normal -- 0.7-1.4
  20. purpose of BUN and normal value
    test of renal fx (increased in renail failure) 

    normal 7-18
  21. purporse of amylase and lipase tests
    diagnose pancreatitis and cholecystitis
  22. nursing care for suctioning (3)
    semi folwers position

    insert catheter without suction

    withdrawal with rotating motion and suction for no longer than 10 seconds
  23. procedure for trach care (6)
    use sterile kit

    remove inner cannula

    clean with hydrogen peroxide

    rinse with sterile water

    clean stoma with hydrogen peroxide and sterile water

    apply new sterile dressing
  24. what causes fluid in water seal chest tube chamber to stop flucuating? (3)
    lungs re-expand

    tubing obstructed

    suction not working 
  25. what does constant bubbling in the water seal chamber of a chest tube indicate?
    air leak in drainage system
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