Stability Operations

  1. What are the four stability principles?
    •  - Conflict Transformation
    •  - Unity of Effort
    •  - Legitimacy and Host Nation Ownership
    •  - National Strategy
  2. What stability principle is the process of reducing the means and motivations for violent conflict?
    Conflict Transformation.
  3. What stability principle is the coordination and cooperation toward common objectives, even if the participants are not necessarily part of the same command or organization?
    Unity of Effort.
  4. What are the two approaches of Unity of Effort?
    •  - Whole-of-government approach
    •  - Comprehensive approach
  5. What is based on the perception of the legality, morality, or rightness of actions, and of the validauthority of those taking them?
  6. What stability principle is the president's vision for providing enduring security in a volatile, uncertain, and complex strategic environment?
     - National Strategy.
  7. Which phase within the stability framework are tasks executed to stabilize the operational environment in a crisis state?
    Initial Responsive Phase.
  8. What is the first aim of stability operations?
    Lessen the level of violence.
  9. What are the three levels of engagement for addressing conflict?
    •  - Conflict prevention and resolution.
    •  - Conflict intervention.
    •  - Post-conflict resolution.
  10. What are the five stability sectors?
    •  - Security
    •  - Humanitarian Assistance and social well-being
    •  - Economic stabilization
    •  - Justice and Reconciliation
    •  - Governance and Participation
  11. Stability tasks serve as a what?
    Lines of Effort.
  12. Civil security is safety from what threats?
    Internal and External.
  13. What are the four security cooperation tasks?
    •  - Security Assistance
    •  - Security Force Assistance
    •  - Foreign Internal Defense
    •  - Security Sector Reform
  14. Which security cooperation task develops the capacity and capability of other nation security forces?
    Security Force Assistance.
  15. What are the four peace operations tasks?
    •  - Peacekeeping
    •  - Peace enforcement
    •  - Peacemaking
    •  - Peace building
  16. The primary military role in peace operations is to create what?
    a safe and secure environment.
  17. What is the DoD's contribution to USG efforts to relieve or reduce human suffering, disease, hunger or privation?
    Foreign Humanitarian Assistance.
  18. What is comprehensive civilian and military efforts to defeat and insurgency and to address any core grievances?
  19. What marks a change of focus between phases or between the ongoing operation and execution of a branch or sequel?
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