The Offense

  1. What are combat operations conducted to defeat and destroy enemy forces and seize terrain, resources, and population centers?
    Offensive Operations.
  2. The offense imposes the commander's ___________ on the enemy.
  3. What are the four characteristics of the Offense?
    •  - Audacity
    •  - Concentration
    •  - Surprise
    •  - Rapid Tempo
  4. What is known as boldly executing a simple plan?
  5. Which characteristic of the Offense is known as the overwhelming affects of combat power?
  6. Which characteristic of the Offense is unexpected, unprepared; delays, overloads and confuses the enemy; is used at the operational level; and uses deception and masking?
  7. Which characteristic of the Offense to we retain the initiative, disrupt enemy defense, and requires quick decisions?
    Rapid Tempo.
  8. What are the four primary Offensive tasks?
    •  - Movement to contact
    •  - Attack
    •  - Exploitation
    •  - Pursuit
  9. Which offensive task develop the situation to establish or regain contact?
    Movement to Contact.
  10. What primary offensive task usually follows successful attack?
  11. What is a task conducted to defeat and destroy enemy forces and seize terrain, resources and population centers?
    Offensive Tasks.
  12. What is used to synchronize effects of combat power?
    Offensive Control Measures.
  13. How many Offensive Control Measures are there?
  14. What are the six forms of maneuver?
    •  - Envelopment
    •  - Flank Attack
    •  - Frontal Attack
    •  - Infiltration
    •  - Penetration
    •  - Turning Movement
  15. Forms of maneuver are disticnt tactical combinations of what?
    Fire and Movement.
  16. Tactical commander begins witha a designated AO, identified mission, and what?
    Available Forces.
  17. What does all offensive planning address?
    Mission Variable (METT-TC).
  18. What are the two basic techniques when transitioning to the defense?
     - Leading elements to commit forces and push forward to claim enough ground to establish a security area anchored on defensible terrain.

     - Establish a security area generally along the unit's final position.
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