Unit 1

  1. the dates of Restoration Period
  2. who influence diminished and English morality reached its lowest points
  3. who took the throne in 1660
    charles II
  4. what two disaters events occurred during the restoration
    Bubonic plague, Great Fire of Lodon (1666)
  5. who wrote Journal of the plague years during the buebonic plague
    daniel defoe
  6. a eye witness who wrote in hihs diery of the Grea Fire of lodon
    Samuel Pepys
  7. the restoration writers were influenced by
    french literature
  8. who was the ruling peot of the restoration age
    john Dryden
  9. who influence the prose writer in the restoration age
    john locke
  10. what did the act of Union name wales and scotland when they joined the countries
    United Kingdom
  11. what began in the 18th centurythat increased manufacturing and inproved farming
    industrail revolution
  12. in the 18 century what became the centers of social activity
    coffee house
  13. the of the 18th cenmurey was known as
    the age pf reason
  14. who rejected the idea of mans sinful nature and insisted that every man has a divine nature within man
    voltaire & Diderot
  15. a belief in impersonal God who after creating the world left it to run by batural laes and left man to take care of himself by using intellevt
  16. the condition of the city were best shown by
    william hogarth
  17. famous layer who was curious aboutchristiantiy
    william blackstone
  18. a welsh pres whose xommentary on the bible has been a classic bible study
    matthew henry
  19. who stirred up both England and America with there preaching and revival so desperatly needed in the cold age
    john wesley, george whitefield
  20. a women who had a great influenceon preaching of the fospel
    selina countess huntingdon
  21. the driving fice in bringing about the abolition of slavery in England
    robert raikes
  22. started the sunday school movment
    robert raikes
  23. gavr his life in the reforming prisons
    john howard,
  24. began the modern missionary movement
    willliam carey
  25. the first half of the eighteenth century was known as
    the Age of Pope
  26. the second half of the eighteenth century was known as the
    Age of Johnson
  27. wrote the only peotry of note
    alexander pope
  28. the eighteenth century became known as the
    age of pros
  29. what was the favorite forms of prose
  30. the most prominent prose satirist of the time was
    johnathan Swift
  31. the two greatest literary contributions of the age
    journalism and novel
  32. who wrote the dictioanry of english language
    sanuel johnson
  33. ]the most populary genre of modern times
  34. what type of peotry returned in the 18th cen
    lyrical peotry
  35. what where lyriccal poets called
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Unit 1
The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century