Chem Chap 8+9 Test

  1. How To Find Molar Mass (Basically the mass of a compound)
    Find the individual masses on your chart and multiply and add according to the formula.
  2. How To Calculate Moles When Given A Weight
    • 1. Find Molar Mass (of the Compound)
    • 2. Divide the given weight by this number
  3. How To Find Percent By Mass
    • 1. Find Molar Mass (of the compound)
    • 2. Divide the mass of one element by the molar mass of the molecule.
    • 3. Change decimal into Percent
  4. How To Find Imperical Formula When Given A Molecular Formula
    Just make everything smaller. If you can.
  5. How To Determine The Empirical Formula When Given Percentages
    Turn Everything into moles and divide the larger one by the smaller one (Ratio).
  6. How To Find The Molecular Formula Using Molar Mass and Empirical Formula
    Divide molar mass by mass of the empirical formula to find subscripts.
  7. How to Find How Many Moles And Grams Of A Product There Will be
    See first page of chap 9 homework.
  8. How To Do Limiting Reactant Equations
    • 1. Balance equation
    • 2. Convert known masses of reactants to moles
    • 3. Determine which reactant is limiting
    • 4. Find the number of moles of the desired product(s) by looking at the subscripts
    • 5. Change the moles into grams
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