Learning Objectives 767-400 Anti-ice/rain

  1. When do you need to use Engine Anti-Ice?
    Icing conditions exist when the OAT is 10C (50F) or below during ground operations, take off, initial climb or go-around or:TAT is 10C or below inflight and visible moisture (clouds, fog with vis less than 1 mile, rain, snow, sleet, ice crystals, and so on) is present, or standing water, ice or snow is present on the ramps, taxiway or runways.
  2. When do you have to use Wing Anti Ice?
    • -When Icing conditions exist. (Not for ground use)
    • -When Ice accumulates on the flight deck windshield frames, windshield center post, windshield wiper post, or side windows can be used as a indication of airframe icing conditions.

    *should not be used when TAT is above 10C
  3. When does the Probe Heat operate?
    Whenever the engine is operating
  4. On the ground what positions should the wing and eng anti ice swiches be in for icing and non icing conditions.
    • In icing
    • Wing OFF / Engines ON

    • Not in icing
    • Wing OFF / Engines AUTO
  5. In the air what positions should the wing and eng anti ice swiches be in for icing and non icing conditions
    • In Icing
    • Auto/Auto/Auto (accomplished in the take off checklist)

    • Not in icing
    • Auto/Auto/Auto
  6. What do you see if the auto wing and engine anit ice systems are deicing?
    • Engines TAI on the N1 indicator
    • Wing WAI below N1 indicator
  7. When is wing anti ice operations inhibited?
    On the ground
  8. What does it mean CAPT/ FO PITOT light and EICAS adv msg CAPT/FO PITOT ?
    • probe is not being heated
    • or neither engine is running on the ground
  9. What does ICING light and EICAS adv msg ICING WING or ICING ENGINE mean?
    • engine/wing ice is detected and either the engine or wing anti-ice is manually selected OFF
    • or an anti-ice valve is closed
  10. What does window heat INOP and IECAS adv msg WINDOW HEAT mean?
    • the window is not being heated.
    • EICAS will tell you wich window unless there is more than one, then it will say Window Heat.
  11. What does ICE DET light and EICAS adv msg ICE DETECTOR mean?
    ice detector system has failed
  12. Will you get any messages or lights if the Anti ice system is operating normally and you get ice?
    • NO
    • You will only get a message if there is a system fault
  13. Anti ice system is in Auto, you get an ICING light and EICAS adv msg. What is wrong?
    System Fault
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