Disaster on the Mountain

  1.  avalanche
    • Definition: noun;
    • 1. a large mass of snow and ice, or of earth and rock, that rapidly slides down a mountainside or over a cliff; 2. a sudden, overwhelming rush, as in “an avalanche of requests”; verb; to come down like an avalanche
  2.  backcountry 

    • Definition: (noun)
    • a sparsely populated rural area far from any settled area; wilderness

    • Example sentence: Backcountry
    • camping can be a lot of fun, but you really need to plan ahead. Once you’re out
    • there, you can’t just pop into the nearest supermarket for more snacks.
  3. gully 

    • Definition: (noun) a ditch or ravine worn into the earth by running water after rain;
    • a gully serves as a natural gutter to help drain excess water after heavy
    • rainfall.

    Example sentence: It hadn’t rained for weeks, and the gully was completely dry.
  4. glacier

    [GLAY -shur]
    • Definition: (noun) a large body of ice moving slowly down a slope or valley, or
    • spreading outward on a land surface; glaciers are made up of fallen snow that,
    • over many years, compresses into ice. Glaciers have sculpted mountains and carved out valleys.

    Example sentence: Maine has hundreds of glacial lakes—that is, lakes formed thousands of years ago by melting glaciers.

  5. snowpack

    • Definition: (noun) layers of snow that become massed together, often found in
    • mountain regions

    Example sentence: When spring arrives, the snowpack will melt.
  6. Terrain
    {tuh-REY N}
    • Definition: (noun) an area of land that can have specific characteristics (for
    • example, rough terrain, rocky terrain, hilly
    • terrain)
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