Lab Animal

  1. Inbred are called ______ and outbred are called_______.
    strains and stocks
  2. Scientific name for the mouse
    Mus muscularis
  3. common strains on mice and colors
    Balb/c (albino), C3H (dark brown with yellow bands), C57BL/6 (black), and DBA the oldest inbred strain (brown)
  4. What is transgenic
    Animals that have genetic material from another animal introduced into the fertilized egg
  5. What is a knockout?
    Animal that has had genetic material removed or blocked
  6. What is a nude?
    Animal that has a naturally occurring genetic defect, hairless, have a deficiency in the immune system, No T3 cells so they have ½ the immune system, SCID= severe combined immune deficiency
  7. SCID=
    severe combined immune deficiency
  8. Mouse temp, weight, and life span
    96-99, 20-40g (newborns about 1g), and 1-3 yrs
  9. What is the word that mean poop eater?
  10. What are 2 ways of determining sex in rodents?
    anogenital distance and males not not have nipples, only females
  11. Estrus every ___days in mice
  12. Mice have a postpartum estrus within __ of parturition
    24 hours
  13. Gestation in mice
    19-21 days
  14. Int the new borns what is the white spot you can usually see and is that a good thing or nad?
    Milk spot: good
  15. Hair and eyes in mice
    Usually 10-14 days; hair then eyes
  16. The big baby days in mice: gestation, weaning, puberty, and breeding age
    19-21 days, 21 days, 4-6 weeks, and 6 weeks
  17. What isbarbering?
    Dominant mouse chews or bites hair off of another mouse, usually in the facial region. Usually harmless, may need to separate if severe
  18. What does hypsodontic mean?
    constantly growing teeth
  19. common stocks in rats
    Wistar, Sprague-Dawley, Long-Evans
  20. common strains in rats
    Fisher 344 and Lewis
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