Childrens Lit

  1. Define didactic
    to teach a lesson
  2. define theory
    an explination of facts
  3. define Genre
    type, category or style
  4. define fable
    story with explicit morals
  5. define parable
    story with no explicit morals
  6. define epics
    stories of entire people; ballids
  7. signs
    all animals use language of signs
  8. symbols
    Human language; makes meaning
  9. define Oedipus complex
    sexual attraction of child to parent of opposite sex
  10. I.D. of freuds ego, superego and ID
    pleasure principle; seeks pleasure and avoids pain
  11. Superego of freuds ego, superego, and ID
    oposite of ID, rule giver/gatherer- part of psyche that says "no"
  12. Ego of freuds ego, superego, and ID
    reality principle; negotiates between ID and superego
  13. what is a picture continuium
    way of describing relationship between word and picture books
  14. Language allows us (humans) to have what?
  15. Suzanne Langer catagorizes human activity into what three groups?
    labor, work, action
  16. what is a scroll book?
    information of importance
  17. what is a codex book?
    a book with pages
  18. what is a horn book?
    no pages, used for learning. covered to protect
  19. what is a chapbook?
    chap or salesman sold on street corners; inexpensive
  20. what is a concrete poem?
    a poem that takes shape the object it describes
  21. what is a visual/concrete poem?
    a poem that makes pictures with words on page
  22. a poem that has 2 stanzas is called what?
  23. a poem that has 4 stanzas is called what?
  24. blank verse
    no rhyme with regular lines
  25. free verse
    no rhyme with mix of long and short lines
  26. define bowdlerize
    to edit, or take out
  27. define metafiction
    writing that is a contradiction of itself
  28. symmetrical picturebook
    words and pictures have equal amount of space on a page
  29. complementary picturebook
    the words and pictures need each other to tell the story
  30. counterpoint picturebook
    distinct difference between the words and pictures ex: pictures happy, words serious
  31. redundant picturebook
    pictures do more than words say
  32. infanticidal mode of child rearing
    unwanted children killed or left to die
  33. abandonment mode of child rearing
    unwanted children sent to convents, wetnurses, montasteries; believed children have souls
  34. helping mode of child rearing
    child knows whats best for them, parents help and encourage
  35. caldecott medal
    best picturebook/illustrations
  36. newbery medal
    best chapter book
  37. what is a picturebook?
    a book with at least 1 picture for every spread of pages
  38. define archetypal
    ancient symbol used across the world
  39. Bruno Bettelheim is the author of?
    The uses of enchantment
  40. lewis Carrol is the author of?
    Alice in wonderland
  41. Lois Lowry is the author of?
    number the stars
  42. E.B. white wrote?
    charlottes web
  43. Lemony Snicket wrote?
    series of unfortunate events
  44. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote
    the little house in the big woods
  45. A.A. Milne is the author of
  46. Margaret wise brown is the author of
    Goodnight moon
  47. Sigmund freud
    neurologist famous for concept of ID ego and superego and his theory of oedipus complex
  48. charles dodgson is the real name of which author?
    Lewis Carroll
  49. define etiology
    stories of how things began
  50. define hyperbole
    an exageration
  51. define diction
    style of speaking or writing depeding upon choice of words
  52. define alliteration
    dazed donkies danced
  53. what is lyric poetry
    poetry that expresses the poets feelings or thoughts
  54. what is narrative poetry
    a poem that tells a story
  55. define allusion
    indirect reference
  56. define illusion
    misleading representation of reality; to be decieved
  57. define delusion
    false belief or opinion regardless of invalidating evidence
  58. dramatic poetry
    poetry where one or more characters speaks within a poem
  59. define irony
    words used to convey the opposite of their literal meaning
  60. define trope
    a figure of speech
  61. define verbal irony
    a figure of speach in which what is said is opposite of what is meant
  62. Onomatopoeia
    a word that sounds like the word is it; any action word used in the 1960's batman and robin tv show
  63. define oxymoron
    contradictory terms are combined; microsoft works
  64. define prose
    ordinary form of written or spoken language
  65. define stanza
    one division of a poem usually with 2 or more lines consisting of some form of rhyme or pattern
  66. define epiphany
    sudden insight
  67. define myth
    human beings behaving in supernatural ways
  68. define fairy tale
    ordinary people with happy endings, a folk tale created for children
  69. antagonist
    a person or group of people who oppose the main character
  70. protagonist
    the main character of a literary
  71. the reality principle
    the ego, defers instant gratification
  72. the pleasure principle
    the ID, seeks pleasure and avoids pain
  73. define exposition
    explanation of a specific topic
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