Exam 4 Review

  1. which is not a major function of the kidney?
    regulation of blood cell size
  2. this is the formation of a new glucose molecule.
  3. which of the following is a waste product normally excreted by the kidneys?
  4. this is a smooth dense irregular connective tissue that is continuous with the outer coat of the ureter.
    renal capsule
  5. the portion of the kidney that extends between the renal pyramids is called the
    renal columns
  6. which is the correct order of blood flow?
    renal artery-segmental artery-interlobar artery-peritubular capillaries-afferent arterioles
  7. which is the correct order of filtrate flows?
    glomerular capsule, proximal convoluted tubule (PCT), loop of henle, distal convoluted tubule (DCT), collecting duct
  8. which structure of the nephron reabsorbs the most substances?
    collecting duct
  9. this is the structure of the nephron that filters blood.
    renal corpuscle
  10. this term means entry of substances into the body from the filtrate.
  11. this is a nephron process that results in a substance in blood entering the already formed filtrate.
  12. this occurs when stretching triggers contraction of smooth muscle walls in afferent arterioles.
    myogenic mechanism
  13. this is when a substance pases from the fluid in the tubular lumen through the apical membrane then across the cytosol into the interstitial fluid.
    transcellular reabsorption
  14. once fluid enters the proximal convoluted tubule
    it has higher K+ concentration
  15. the proximal tubules reabsorb what percentage of filtered water
  16. which of the following is NOT a way angiotensin II affects the kidney?
    it increases GFR
  17. Urea recycling can cause a build up of urea in the
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