Word Smart 11

  1. Arduous
    Hard; difficult
  2. Ascendancy
    Supremacy; domination
  3. Bereaved
    Deprived or left desolate, especially through death
  4. Burgeon
    To expand; to flourish
  5. Consecrate
    To make or declare sacred
  6. Digress
    To stray from the main subject
  7. Extrovert
    An open, outgoing person; a person who's attention is focused on others rather than on himself or herself
  8. Figurative
    Based on figures of speech; expressing something in terms usually used for something else; metaphorical
  9. Genre
    A type or category, especially in art or writing
  10. Hierarchy
    An organization based on rank or order; pecking order
  11. Immigrate
    To move permanently to a new country
  12. Implement
    To carry out
  13. Incandescent
    brilliant; giving off heat or light
  14. Latent
    present but not visible or apparent; potential
  15. Loquacious
    Talking a lot or too much
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