Learning Objectives 767-400 Air Systems

  1. Describe the functions of the COMPARTMENT TEMP CONTROLS and Indicators.
    • Compartment Temperature Controls
    • Auto - provides automatic compartment temperature control.
    • OFF - closes the compartment trim air valve, the compartment
    • temp INOP light illuminates
  2. What does OVHT or DUCT LEAK lights mean with the EICAS advisory messages DUCT LEAK or ENG BLD OVHT?
    • Bleed Air Malfunction
  3. What indicaitons will you get with a dual auto pressurization controller failure?
    • AUTO INOP light illuminates amber
    • means both Auto 1 and Auto 2 cabin altitude control functions are inop.
  4. What does the trim air system do?
    • -adds warm air to the pack output air
    • -pack controllers regulate the pack output air temp to satisfy the temp requirement of the compartment requiring the coolest air.
    • -if the trim air system is OFF or INOP, the pack attempt to maintain all zones at a comfortable level.
  5. What does the gasper system do?
    The gasper system draws air from the forward cabin overhead air conditioning ducts and discharges it from gasper outlets in the passenger service units located above each passenger seat. Gasper air is controlled by the GASPER FAN switch.
  6. If you have a destination change, what must you reset?
    The landing altitude.
  7. What do the recirculation fans do?
    The recirculation fans maintain overall cabin air circulation while allowing a reduction of the cabin air ventilation, permitting the packs to be operated at a reduced flow. This reduces bleed air demand from the engines, reducing fuel burn.
  8. How do you manually control the cabin altitude?
    Place the Cabin Altitude MODE SELECTOR in MAN. Then rotate the Cabin Altitude MANUAL Control to CLIMB or DESCEND.
  9. Where is the BULK CARGO HEAT switch? What is the preflight position?
    • Located on the accessory panel (behind FO's seat)
    • VENT for all Delta operations
  10. BULK CARGO HEAT selector should be in VENT, what does that do for you?
    VENT provides a warmer compartment temp than in NORM and activates a fan in the bulk cargo compartment.
  11. The Equipment Cooling Selector has three positions. What are they and what do they mean?
    • AUTO automatically controls the equipment cooling system.
    • STBY positions equipment cooling system for inboard air flow.
    • OVRD positions the equipment cooling system for reverse air flow.
  12. What does it mean if you get a PACK OFF light and EICAS advisory message L/R PACK OFF.
    The Pack Valve is closed (pack is off)
  13. What does PACK INOP light and EICAS adviosry message L/R Pack TEMP mean?
    • -The pack is overheated
    • -Fault in the auto control system indicating overheat protections is lost.
  14. What does it mean if you have a gasper OFF light and EICAS adv msg.
    The Gasper fan switch is ON but the gasper fan is not operating
  15. What does a recirc fan INOP light and EICAS advisory message L/R RECIR FAN mean?
    • -the recirculation fan is failed or is not operating
    • -the RECIRC FAN switch is off
  16. What does it mean if you have an equipment cooling OVHT light, and EICAS msg FWD EQPT OVHT ?
    hight temp or low airflow in the equipment cooling system.
  17. Pack Control Selectors have two positions, explain them.
    • Off closes the pack valve
    • Auto the pack is automatically controlled
  18. You have a CABIN ALTITUDE light and EICAS warning message CABIN ALTITUDE, what is going on?
    • -cabin altitude exceeds 10,000 feet
    • -extinguishes when the cabin descends below 8,500 feet
  19. Explain the operations of the cabin altitude auto rate control.
    • -Only functions if AUTO 1 or AUTO 2 are selected
    • -rotate
    • sets limit of cabin alt rate of climb or descent during auto control
    • index marks establishes apprioximately 500 fpm climb and 300 fpm descent
  20. What does NO COOLING light and EICAS caution msg FWD EQPT COOLING?
    • No Cooling light is active only in OVRD
    • there is NO reverse air flow through the E/E compartment avionics.
  21. What does the Compartment Temp INOP light and EICAS adv msg FWD/MID/AFT CABIN TEMP mean?
    • -zone supply duct overheat
    • -associated zone selector in the OFF position
    • -the Cabin Temp Controller has failed
    • -the associated trim air switch is OFF
  22. Why is the center isolation (C ISLN) switch guarded?
    to protect the air source to the ADP (Air Demand Pump)
  23. What does the DUCT LEAK light and EICAS caution msg L/R BLD DUCT LEAK, BODY DUCT LEAK or STRUT DCT LEAK mean?
    a high temperture bleed air leak is detected
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