Merkel Dairy Foods

  1. The milk fat differential used in paying for raw milk is:

    A. The price to be added or subtracted per 1/10 % of milk fat above orbelow a set percentage
  2. The form of mastitis that is hidden from sight is known as__________________.

    D. Sub-Clinical
  3. Which of the following will best control contagious mastitis?

    A. Germicidal teat dip
  4. The Standard Plate Count (SPC) has a prescribed incubation time of _____hours at _____ ºC.

    C. 48 hours at 32ºC
  5. One type of test for antibiotics, common adulterants of milk, is based upon theprinciple that the growth of bacteria is __________ by them.

    C. Inhibited
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Merkel Dairy Foods
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