1. What includes a partial bath?
    Face, underarms, hands, perineal care and back.
  2. What should the temperature of the water be when giving a bath or shower?
    No more than 105' F.
  3. Carotid Pulse?
  4. Apical Pulse
  5. Brachial Pulse
    Arm(where you take B/P)
  6. Radial Pulse
  7. 30 cc=
    1 oz
  8. Hemiparesis
    Weakness on one side of the body
  9. Hemiplegia
    Paralysis on one side of the body
  10. Paraplegia
    Paralized from the waist down
  11. Quadriplegia
    Paralized from the neck down
  12. Supine
    Lying flat on back
  13. Lateral
    Lying on his/her side
  14. Prone
    Lying on stomach
  15. Fowler's
    Partially reclined
  16. Sims'
    Lying on the left side woth one leg drawn up
  17. Abduction
    Moving a body part away from the body
  18. Adduction
    Moving a body part toward the body
  19. Dorsiflexion
    Bending backward
  20. Rotation
    Turning a joint
  21. Extension
    Straightening a body part
  22. FLexion
    Bending a body part
  23. Pronation
    Turning downward
  24. Supination
    Turning upward
  25. Abuse
    Purposely causing physical,mental, or emotional pain or injury to someone.
  26. Assult
    When a person feels fearful that he will be touched without his permission
  27. Battery
    When a person is touched without his/her permission
  28. Combative
    Violent or hostile behavior
  29. False Imprisonment
    The unlawful restraint of someone which affects the person's freedom of movement;includes both the threat of being physically restrained and actually being physically restrained.
  30. Nosocomial Infection
    An infection acquired in a hospital or other healthcare facility;also known as a hospital-acquired infection(HAI)
  31. Neglect
    Failing to provide needed care
  32. Negligence
    The failure to provide the proper care for a resident, resulting in unintended injury
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