apus midterm part 2

  1. what was the first united states constitution that failed
    articles of confederation
  2. who proposed the articles of confederation
    john dickinson
  3. what law created the system that land was seteled by and made into states was was written by thomas jefferson
    land ordinance of 1785
  4. what was a small rbellion in MA started by angry farmers over forclusures
    Shays Rebellion
  5. who was a new tork cenetor who promoted the national bank and a large federal goverment
    alaxander hamilton
  6. what wasthe meeting of 12 of the 13 states to fix the articles of condederation
    constitutional convention
  7. what plan for the constitution was a two house legislature with a lower house of proportional representation that would elect an upper house and the president
    virginia plan
  8. what plan for the constitution gave each state one vote
    new jersey plan
  9. what plan for the constitution was a bicameral legislation with an upper house of equal representation and a lowe house of proportional representation
    great compromise
  10. what part of the constitution included par of slaves in population and taxes
    three fifths compromise
  11. what political party supportrd strong federal goverment
  12. what political party supported states rights
    democratic republicans
  13. what was an essay in favor of the constitution by hamilton, madison, and jay
    the federalist
  14. who is the father of the constitution
    james madison
  15. what is the fear that the founding fathers had that the mob would decide what what to do and make decisions on impulse
  16. what was the list of rights that would be added onto the constitution
    the bill of rights
  17. what says that the federal goverment can do anything that is necessacary and proper
    elastic clause
  18. first president of the united states
    george washington
  19. what organized the federal court system
    judiciary act of 1789
  20. who was the first cheif justice
    john jay
  21. what was the beieif that the federal con do anything unless the constitution says it can't
    loose construction
  22. what was the first rebellion under the constitution that happened in PA over whiskey taxes
    the whiskey rebellion
  23. what battle was when wayne was sent to put down an indian rebellion
    battle of fallen timbers
  24. who was the french representative who tried to get the united states support for the revolution
    citizen genet
  25. what was the treaty that allowed the united states to trade with britian during the french revolution
    jays treaty
  26. what treaty made peace with spain and allowed the us to use the missippi river
    pinckney's treaty
  27. who was the second president who was a great intullectual but a bad president
    john adams
  28. what caused tensions with france and was negotiated by john marshall
    XYZ affair
  29. what was the incident where us and french merchant ships fight
    undeclared war
  30. what made it take a longer time to become a citizen in 1800
    naturalization act
  31. what act said the president can expel undesirable forigners without charges
    alien act
  32. what act made it illegal to make false scandoulous or milicious criticism of goverment officials
    sedition act
  33. what were the papers written by jefferson and madisonagainst the alien and sedition acts and introduced nullification
    virginia and kentucky resolutions
  34. what admendment changed the way electorial college voted
    12th amendment
  35. what werew john adams judiciary appointments before jefferson could
    midnight judges
  36. who was the cheif justice for 34 years and was an extreme federalist and decided the first legal presidents
    john marshall
  37. what is the idea that the supreme court is not just the fed appeal court but also determines if acts of congress are constitutional
    judicial review
  38. what case created the idea of judicial review
    marbury v madison
  39. who was the only supreme court justice to impeached
    samuel chase
  40. who were the people who lived in north africs and stole ships
    barbary pirates
  41. what was was between terriorists and us and ended with the us being able to sail the medeterianian sea
    barbary war
  42. who snuck into Tripoli, caputure a ship, set fire to it, and safely returned during the barbury war
    stephen decantur
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