1. Sjogrens presentation
    • Fatigue
    • Dry Eyes
    • Dry Mouth
  2. Traditionally, how many clinical evaluations are suspected autoimmune patients subjected to?
    How many develop B-cell lymphomas?
    • Six
    • 10% develop B cell lymphoma
  3. How long do the 6 clinical tests for autoimmune diseases take?
    How expensive?
    It takes two weeks, costing $2000
  4. Which biomarkers are in primary Sjogren's patients?
    • 17 Candidate salivary proteomic biomarkers
    • 8 transcriptomic biomarkers
  5. How often do you conduct salivary diagnostics on suspected autoimmune patients?
    Every 3 months
  6. What are the two NIDCR initiatives for salivary diagnostics?
    • 1. Technology development
    • 2. Salivary proteome
  7. What is Her-2-neu?
    A breast cancer marker that is found in saliva
  8. How do biomarkers enter the saliva?
    From capillary beds that enter into the luminal space
  9. How many proteins are located in saliva?
  10. Head and neck Cancer
    • 6th incidence
    • 350,000 new cases yearly
    • HNSCC <40% survival rate
  11. What should we do if we see something unusual in the oral cavity? And then?
    • Send the patient away for a few weeks and call them back
    • If it's still there then you biopsy
  12. How many people that receive traditional biopsies are cancer free?
    • 96% Are cancer free
    • 1% Cancer
    • 3% Dysplasia
  13. Can RNA exist outside of cells?
    • Yes
    • Many are encapsulated within the exosome
  14. What is the pathology of Sjogrens syndrome?
    • Lymphocyte infiltration of salivary and lacrimal glands
    • Causes dry mouth and eyes
  15. What percentage of dentists are willing to collect oral fluids for diagnostics?
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