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  1. Lu 1 - Zhongfu - Middle
    Mu point - treats organ. Balances qi in Lungs, spreads qi out and down, eases coughing and wheezing. Meets Tai Yin from leg (Sp 20), so good for phlegm & dampness in Lu (Descends St qi)
  2. Lu 2 - Yunmen - Cloud gate
    Gateway to the arms, opens for stream of qi to the arms. Pain relief for shoulder & chest, Clear lu heat, disseminates and descends Lu qi.
  3. Lu 3 - Tianfu - Palace of Heaven
    Window of heaven, treats rebellious qi. Calms the corporeal soul (Po) - survival instinct and dealing w. sorrow. Cools blood & stops bleeding, especially epistaxis. Clear lung heat and descends lu qi. Liver attacking lung causes blood to overflow. Liver involved when induced or worsened by anger. Good for people who are hard, analyses and categorizes too much. Softens people. Help to understand that death is not the end.
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