Chpt. 15 Sect. 4

  1. -formal withdrawl from the Union
  2. What was John Brown's plan at Harper's Ferry?
    to capture federal arsenal and arm slaves to start a violent revolution to end slavery
  3. Who stopped John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry?
    Colonel Robert E. Lee
  4. Why did the North support Brown's actions?
    -b/c they saw him as a hero and martyr
  5. Why was the South shocked John Brown's actions?
    -feared this kind of attack and North's reaction to it
  6. Who was Republicans candidate in Election of 1860?

    POV on slavery?
    -Abraham Lincoln

    -against spread of slavery
  7. Who was N. Democrats candidate in Election of 1860?

    POV on slavery?
    -Stephen Douglas

    -use of Pop. Sov.
  8. Who was S. Democrats candidate in Election of 1860?

    POV on slavery?
    -John Breckenridge

  9. Who was Constitution Union Party's candidate in Election of 1860?

    POV on slavery?
    -John Bell

    -preserve Const./Union
  10. Who won Election of 1860?
    Abraham Lincoln
  11. How did the South react to Lincoln winning election?
    -Began to secede from Union
  12. How did the South feel secession was justified? (6)
    -felt they had voluntarily joined Union by ratifying Const. and could do same to get out

    -Felt economy/way of life would be destroyed w/o slavery

    -Didn't vote, trust Lincoln-fear of slavery's end

    -would help south's econ. b/c being free of North would cause South to industrialize

    -Focused on states' rights and felt states' should have power to dtermine which laws applied to their states

    -Patriotism was down b/c South felt attacked by North
  13. What was North's response to secession? (4)
    -secession would weaken Union

    -Nat'l Gov't held highest level of power and could determine which laws applied in states

    -secession is unconst.

    -South was ignoring rules of Democracy-unwilling to accept fair election
  14. -president of Confederate States of America
    Jefferson Davis
  15. Where was CSA first capital?
    Montgomery, AL
  16. -proposed Compromise to try to preserve Union and protect slavery
    Crittendon Plan
  17. -proposed Compromise to end secession
    John J. Crittendon
  18. What were the main ideas and goals that Lincoln spoke of in his First Inaugural Address? (4)
    -North/South should be friends not enemies

    -Promised not to end slavery where it existed

    -opposed to secession-wanted to preserve Union

    -North wouldn't invade/attack South, but would protect U.S. gov't property
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