Chpt. 15 Sect. 3

  1. Who formed the Republican Party? (4)
    • -Whigs
    • -anti-slavery Democrats
    • -remnants of Free Soil Party
    • -abolitionists
  2. Why did the Republican Party form?
    -b/c of KS-NE act/"Bleeding Kansas" and didn't want spread of slavery
  3. -known as the "know-nothing party"
    American Party
  4. What did it mean that the American Party held Nativist beliefs?
    -that they supported ideas and candidates who were white, protestant, or native born
  5. Who was the Republicans candidate in Election of 1856?

    POV on Slavery?
    John C. Fremont

  6. Who was the American Partys' candidate in Election of 1856?

    POV on Slavery?
    -Millard Fillmore

    -supported Nativist beliefs
  7. Who was Democrats candidate in Election of 1856?

    POV on slavery?
    -James Buchanon

    -for preservation of Union
  8. Who won Election of 1856?
    James Buchanon
  9. What did the Election of 1856 show? (2)
    -political divisions in U.S. caused by slavery

    -showed strength of new Republicans-won 11 of 16 northern states
  10. -proposed in 1857 as a state constitution for KS to become a slave state
    Lecompton Constitution
  11. -a MO slave sued for his freedom when his master died, based on fact that he lived in free territories which made him free and gave him rights protected bu Constitution
    Dred Scott
  12. What were some implications the Dred Scott case?
    -the use of Popular Sovereignty to settle slavery issue AND any law prohibiting slavery were unconstitutional
  13. What was the ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford?
    that Afr. Amer. were not citizens and only citizens could sue in Federal Court, and that slaves were property making him not free by living in free territory
  14. -Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during Dred Scott decisions
    Roger B. Taney
  15. What was the central issue in the Lincoln-Douglas debates?
  16. -notion that the police would enforce the voters' decision if it contradicted the Supreme Court's decision in Dred Scott case-Douglas' belief in Popular Sovereignty
    Freeport Doctrine
  17. Why did Douglas win election against Lincoln in 1858?
    -Freeport Doctrine
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