Chpt. 15 Sect.2

  1. Who was the Democrats candidate in Election of 1852?
    Franklin Pierce
  2. Who was the Whigs candidate in Election of 1852?
    Winfield Scott
  3. Who won the Election of 1852 and why?
    Franklin Pierce because he promised to honor Compromise of 1850 and Fugitive Slave which made the southerners trust him
  4. What was the Ostend Manifesto?
    an attempt by U.S. to buy Cuba from Spain for $130 million
  5. How did the North and South feel about Ostend Manifesto?
    North: was angered because they felt this would expand slavery

    South: felt betrayed
  6. Why was the South angered about transcontinental railroad?(2)
    -wanted a southern route to coast

    -wanted to use slaves to build RR-BUT KS was north of 36 deg 30 min
  7. Why did the South feel the MO Compromise was unconstitutional?
    -saw slaves as property and Constitution protects that right, but MO Compromise denied their right to property
  8. Why was North angered by South feeling MO Compromise was unconst.?
    -thought this would open all of U.S. to slavery
  9. What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do? (3)
    -Divided northern LA Territory into KS Territory and NE Territory

    -Used Popular Sovereignty to decide slavery issue

    -Ended MO Compromises
  10. Why did people from all over rush to Kansas after KS-NE act passed?
    -b/c they were using Popular Sovereignty to vote on issue of slavery
  11. What caused "Bleeding Kansas?"(2)
    • -The free/slave election in Kansas in 1855
    • -Sack of Lawrence
  12. -was an "immediatist"
    -led Porrawatomie Massacre
    John Brown
  13. What was the result of "Bleeding Kansas"
    A mini Civil War in KS
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