Cognitive Psychology

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  1. Who created the Multi store model of memory? [1]
    Atkinson and Shiffrin 1968
  2. Describe the process of the Multi store model [6]
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  3. What is the duration, capacity and encoding of the different stores? [3]
    • Sensory memory: 
    • Duration- Up to 3 seconds; Sperling
    • Capacity- Too limited to know
    • Encoding- Too limited to know

    • Short Term Memory:
    • Duration- 18-30s; Peterson and Peterson
    • Capacity- 7+-2; Miller
    • Encoding- Acoustically; Conrad

    • Long Term Memory:
    • Duration- A lifetime; Bahrick
    • Capacity- Unlimited
    • Encoding- Semantically; Baddeley
  4. What are the strengths and limitations of the Multi Store Model? [6]
  5. Who designed the Working Memory Model? [1]
    Baddeley and Hitch
  6. Describe the process of the working memory model [6]
    • The Central Exec is the boss. The phonological loop deals with auditory info, has limited capacity and is split into the phonological store and articulatory loop. The PS is the inner ear , whilst the AL is the inner voice and rehearses the information in the ps. The visuo spatial sketchpad is the inner eye, has limited capacity and deals with what information looks like and how it is laid out. It is split into the inner scribe and visual cache.
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  7. What are the strengths and limitations of the Working Memory Model? [6]
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