Burritos,tacos, and salads Quiz

  1. What is the best way to ask the kitchen for something that you need?
  2. What do you do if there is a mistake with one of the plates for your customer?
  3. What is inside a chicken burrito?
    Roasted Chicken beans and rice
  4. Describe the mexi Cobb Salad
    • Rows of dice fajita chicken
    • dice tomatoes
    • green chiles
    • diced avocadosĀ 
    • blended cheese and jack cheese
    • over a bed of salad mix
  5. What dressings do we offer?
    • Cilantro vinaigrette
    • Ranch
    • Creamy Jalapeno
    • Honey mustardĀ 
  6. What is the taco salad serve in? what comes on top?
    Serve on large flour tortilla fried in the shape of a bowl

    • On top salad mix with
    • dice tomatoes
    • jack cheese
    • guacamole
  7. Describe carbon tacos
    • Two flour tortillas filled with
    • beef or chicken fajita
    • green chiles and onions
    • garnish with lettuce
    • mix cheese
    • pico
    • guacamole
  8. What comes on a crispy taco plate?
    • Fried corn tortillas filled with line beef
    • lettuce
    • tomatoe
    • mix cheese
    • served 3 with rice and beans
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Burritos,tacos, and salads Quiz
Burritos,tacos, and salads Quiz