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  1. What is the purpose of Tactical Enabling tasks?
    • Commanders direct tactical enabling tasks to support the conduct of offensive, defensive, stability, and defense support of civil authorities.
    • Used as shaping or supporting operations.
  2. What is Reconnaissance?
    A mission undertaken to obtain, by visual observation or other detection methods, information about the activities and resources of an enemy or adversary, or to secure data concerning the meteorological, hydrographical or geographical characteristics and the indigenous population of a particular area.
  3. What are the seven fundamentals of reconnaissance?
    • Ensure continuous reconnaissance
    • Do not keep reconnaissance assets in reserve
    • Orient on the reconnaissance objective
    • Report information rapidly and accurately
    • Retain freedom of maneuver
    • Gain and maintain enemy contact
    • Develop the situation rapidly
  4. What are the five forms of reconnaissance (RAZRS)?
    • Route reconnaissance
    • Area reconnaissance
    • Zone reconnaissance
    • Reconnaissance in force
    • Special reconnaissance
  5. Reconnaissance provides information used in the _________ Process.
    (IPB) Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
  6. What are the firve Security operations tasks?
    • Screen
    • Guard
    • Cover
    • Area security
    • Local security
  7. What is a security task that primarily provides early warning to the protected force?
  8. What is a security task to protect the main body by fighting to gain time while also observing and reporting information and preventing enemy ground observation of and direct fire against the main body?
  9. What is a security task to protect the main body by fighting to gain time while also observing and reporting information and preventing enemy ground observation of and direct fire against the main body?
  10. What is a security task conducted to protect friendly forces, installations, routes, and actions within a specific area?
    Area Security
  11. What is a security task that includes low-level security activities conducted near a unit to prevent surprise by the enemy?
    Local security
  12. What is Battlefield Agility?
    The capability to conduct rapid and orderly movement to concentrate combat power.
  13. What are the methods of troop movement?
    • Dismounted marches
    • Mounted marches
    • Air movements
    • Tactical road march
    • Approach march
    • Forced march
    • Administrative movement
  14. What are the three movement techniques?
    • Traveling
    • Traveling overwatch
    • Bounding overwatch
  15. What is a forced march?
    Soldiers are being made to move at such a rate that they would normally tire excessively, based on military necessity.
  16. What is an administrative movement?
    When troops and vehicles are arranged to expedite their movement and conserve time and energy, with no interference from the enemy.
  17. What is a tactical road march?
    A rapid movement used to relocate units within an area of operations to prepare for combat operations.
  18. What is an approach march?
    The advance of a combat unit when direct contact with the enemy is intended.
  19. What is a dismounted march?
    Movement of troops and equipment mainly on foot, with limited support by vehicles.
  20. What is a mounted march?
    Movement using combat and tactical vehicles to move all personnel and equipment.
  21. What are air movements?
    Operations involving the use of utility and cargo rotary wing assets for other than air assaults.
  22. What is a relief in place?
    An operation in which all or part of a unit is replaced in an area of operations by an incoming unit.
  23. What are the three techniques for conducting a relief?
    • Sequentially: each element within the relieved unit is relieved in succession.
    • Simultaneously: all elements are relieved at the same time.
    • Staggered: each element is relieved in a sequence determined by the tactical situation.
  24. What are Passages of Lines used for?
    • To continue an attack
    • Conduct a counter-attack
    • Retrograde security
    • When units cannot bypass another unit
  25. Approximately how much of a passing force must pass through the passing point in order for change of command to occur?
    Two thirds
  26. What are Encirclement operations?
    Operations where one force loses it's freedom of maneuver because an opposing force is able to isolate it by controlling all ground lines of communications and reinforcement.
  27. What is a breakout?
    An operation conducted by an encircled force to regain freedom of movement or contact with friendly units.
  28. What are the key tactical considerations in urban operations?
    • Time
    • Distances
    • Density
    • Combat power
    • Levels of war
    • Decision making
  29. What are the two primary fundamentals of urban operations?
    • Separating and positively identifying combatants from noncombatants.
    • Minimizing collateral damage.
  30. What are the seven tactical enabling tasks (SPURTER)?
    • Security operations
    • Passage of lines
    • Urban operations
    • Relief in place
    • Troop movement
    • Encirclement operations
    • Reconnaissance
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