Doubles Tripes Test #4

  1. Driving a truck with doubles or triples trailers requires a driver to:
    Allow more following distance than for smaller vehicles.
  2. How can yoube sure you suppliedair to a second trailer?
    Go to the rear of the secondtrailer and open the emergency line shut off.
  3. When uncoupling the rearsemi trailer, you should lower the converter dolly landing gear:
    Enough to remove some of the weight from the dolly.
  4. A converter dolly has:
    A separate air supply tank.
  5. When driving a truck with more than one trailer, which trailer should be first behind the tractor?
    The heaviest.
  6. You want to hook you combination to a second trailer that has no spring brakes.  To do this without wheel chocks you should:
    Supply air to the trailer air system with the tractor and then disconnect the emergency line.
  7. You are driving a 100 ft twin trailer combiantion at 50 mph.  The road is dry the visibility is good.  You should keep at least ____seconds of space ahead of you.
  8. The converter dolly air tank drain valve on coupled double and triple trailers should be:
  9. Doubles and triples must be driven very smoothly to avoid rollover or jacknife.  True or False?
  10. If you want to couple a second trailer to you combiantion vehicle, secure it by using the:
    Trailer emergency air brakes.
  11. What is likely to happen if the pintle hook unlocked with the dolly still under the second trailer?
    The dolly tow bar may fly up.
  12. When inspecting coupled doubles and triples, make sure the pintle hook is:
  13. Which of these are the correct positions for sut off valves in doubles and triples?
    Open for the rear of thefront trailers and closed fort the rear of the last trailer.
  14. A safe speed ona curve for a normal tractor trailer:
    May be too fast for a set of doubles or triples.
  15. You are driving a set of doubles, and a set of trailer wheels goes into a skid.  Which of these is mostly likely to occur?
    You will have a trailer jacknife.
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