Doubles-Triples Test 1

  1. During normal operation the brakes on doubles and triple trailers are controlled by the?
    Foot Pedal.
  2. Which statement about quick steering movements and doubles/tripes is true?
    Doubles/tripes flip over from quick steering.
  3. Empty Trucks...
    May have poor traction fue to bouncing causing the wheels to lockup.
  4. Which statement about checking your mirrors is true?
    Use the mirrors to keep an eye on your tires.
  5. The best way to stop any skid is to?
    Restore traction to the tires.
  6. You are dricing on a slippery road during the day.  What does the commercial driver hadbook say about how much space should you keep ahead on your truck?
    Allow "much more space" than is needed for ideal driving conditions.
  7. For coupled double and tripe trailers, all of the converter dolly shut off valves should be?
    Open, except the once connected to the rear trailer should be closed.
  8. Which statement about managing space to the sides is true?
    You should avoid traveling next to others when possible.
  9. Which statement about speed management and braking is true?
    You need about four times as much stopping distance at 40mph as at 20mph.
  10. When testing the coupling of double trailers, the landing gear should be?
    Slightly raised.
  11. When coupling doubles and tripes, be sure that the pintle eye of the dolly is in place in the pintle.  True of False?
  12. Before you can supply air to the air tanks of a second trailer you need to?
    Open the shut off valves at the rear of the first trailer and close the shut off valves at the rear of the second trailer.
  13. Which statement about seeing ahead is true?
    Good drivers shift their attention back and forth, near and far.
  14. You should ckeck trailer height before connecting a converter dolly to a second or third trailer.  The trailer height is right when?
    The trailer will be raised slightly when the converter dolly is backed under it.
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Doubles-Triples Test 1
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