A Book of Coupons 3

  1. relative
    compared to another thing
  2. remain
  3. terror
    extreme fear
  4. universally
    by everyone
  5. although
  6. nor
  7. nuts
  8. nevertheless
    not changed by the fact
  9. subjected
    make someone do something
  10. military discipline
    go by a very controlling system like the military does
  11. disobedience
    not following the rules
  12. suicidal
    killing one self on purpose
  13. abstract
    a thing that is an idea and not a thing you can touch
  14. set his sights
    focus; pay attention to
  15. decent
    right in the situation
  16. introduction
    meeting for the first time
  17. dry
    without emotion (feelings)
  18. monotonous
    not changing
  19. statutes
    a written law
  20. civil code
    a group of laws
  21. employees
    a person who works for a company
  22. adhere
    stick to, follow
  23. institution
    people in a group for a reason
  24. strict
    tight to the rules
  25. obedience
    act to the wishes of
  26. dress code
    the rules off how to dress
  27. behavior code
    the rules of how to act
  28. disciplinary code
    the rules of how to make people follow the rules
  29. authority
    the power to give orders
  30. head
    the person or people in charge
  31. establishment
    a group that has been set up
  32. penalty
  33. punishment
    what you give or do to make up for what was done wrong
  34. article
    a certain item
  35. penal law
    the rules made by the State
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