history chapter 25

  1. who was the communist leader who organized a guerrilla army to fight to reunify vietnam?
    ho chi minh
  2. why did the vietminh for initially in vietnam?
    to win independence from japan
  3. what two events convinced truman to help france in vietnam
    • the fall of china
    • outbreak of the korean war
  4. what was the fear that communist vietnam would lead to other southeast asia communist governments
    domino theort
  5. as a result of the battle at dien bien phu what happened
    the french withdrew from indochina
  6. who was the prowestern leader of south vietnam early in the war who was overthrown on a coup and executed
    ngo dinh diem
  7. what happened when the french left vietnam
    the U S stepped in to protect the pro westen gov't in the south
  8. what temporily divided vietnam along the 17th parallel
    geneva accords
  9. what were forces made up of norht and south vietnamese, but supplies by north vietnam
  10. why did the vietcongs powere continue to increase in part
    the vietcongs use of terror
  11. as the fighting began between the vietcong and south vietnamese army, how did president isenhower try to help south vietnam
    by sending military advisors
  12. what did the gulf of tonkin do?
    gave its war powers to the president
  13. why did kenedy feal the need to stand up to communism in vietnam
    because many republicans blamed the truman admin for loosing china to communism
  14. in south vietnam why did a monk set himself on fire
    to protest discrimination against buddist
  15. what was a sustained bombing campain against buddist
    operation rolling thunder
  16. what is jellied gasoline that exploads on contact
  17. what is chemical strips that strip leaves from trees and shrubs
    agent orange
  18. what was the goal of agent orange
    to destroy the ability to hide in jungles
  19. why did johnson refuse to allow a full scale atack on north vietnams main supply line
    because it passed through territories not involved in the war
  20. who was an american commander in south vietnam
    wm westmoreland
  21. what were the education hearings on vietnam inteded for
    to explain to war to the senate
  22. what did nightly news coverage of the war on telivision help create
    a credibility gap
  23. what did martin luther king junior fear
    that the war would draw attention for the civil rights movement
  24. after the tet offensive what did the mainstream american media begin to openly critize
    the war effort
  25. what marked a major turning point in the war because communist forces scared a major political victory
    the tet offensive
  26. what was a democratioc candidate that was assassinated in a california hotel
    robert kenedy
  27. in 1968 who clashed outside the dem. national convention
    antiwar protestors and police
  28. who was an outspoken segregationist who won over 13% of the popular vote as an independent candidate in the 1968 election
    george wallace
  29. what was improving relations with the soviet union and cjina to persuade them to cut back their aid to north vietnam
  30. where was the massacre of south vietnamese cililians by U S troops
    my Lai
  31. what angered congress and caused them to repeal the gulf of tonkin resolution
    nixon's decision to invade cambodia
  32. who was nixon's special assisstant for national security affairs
    henry kissinger
  33. what was the peace treaty called for the north vietnamese
    le duc tho
  34. who was south vietnams president at the end of the war
    nguyen van thien
  35. who was the former defense department worker who leaked the pentagon papers to the ny times
    daniel ellsberg
  36. what revealed that the gov't had not been honst with the public about vietnam
    pentagon papers
  37. what was renamed ho chi minh city after reunification
  38. what is MIA
    missing in action and the fate of the soldier is undetermined
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