Modorn history unit test (enligthnment) ect

  1. John Locke
    • -he defended the right to own property
    • -elected gouverment
  2. Montesquieu
    • -Against absoulte monarchy but instead he wanted a monarchy represented by nobles.
    • -climate ans size of the counrty makes the type of gouverment
  3. Voltaire
    • -He campained against cruel punishments
    • -critzed the catholic church through his plays ( with satire)
  4. Helvétius
    • -Physical sensiblityand memory are the two causes of ideas
    • -All normal individuals are capable of great ideas
  5. Beccaria
    • -Harrsh punishment did nothing to the individual
    • -"the cafe" = plotting revolution
    • -he wants no more torcher
  6. Rousseas
    • -he wrote the social contract
    • - human are innocent and peaceful until they are in socitiy
    • -whats goodfor most is good for all
  7. Adam smith
    • -supply and demand
    • -free trade
  8. Von herder
    • -Language is glue
    • -Cultures could and should remain pure
    • -essential force=culteral glue that binded individuals in a community
  9. Condorcet
    -reason wpuld bring about about a world (have a voice)
  10. Who invented the printing press
    Johannes guttenberg , 1440
  11. Technological change
    Any change in the way people provide themseleves with the material objects they use. We make new inventions, meaning we need to change.
  12. Political change
    Any change in the way power is distrubuated amoung people.
  13. Economic change
    Affected the Distribution of goods and services. More jobs would be made
  14. Social change
    Affected how people related to one another. People who could now read on there own would become leas social
  15. Intellectual change
    We now have acess to free information. Ex- google
  16. Why was there a rise in population during the 1700's
    • -fewer wars
    • -fewer epidemics
    • -better hygiene
    • -improved food suply
  17. The three main qualitites of a prince
    • -act bodly
    • -protect your power
    • -to apper unwavering while being flexible
  18. What does "les fare" mean?
    Hands off
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Modorn history unit test (enligthnment) ect