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  1. What is it called when you have three estates?
    Estate general
  2. Whats the first estate made out of?
    Church ( priest ect) 1%
  3. Whats the second estate made out of?
    Arisoicrats (nobles) 1%
  4. Whats the third estate made of?
    Peasants 98%
  5. Classify the tax system
    • Church: volantary
    • Nobles: 0%
    • Pesants: 75%
  6. Name the 5 "causes" for the F.R?
    • -Philisophical reason
    • -American revolution
    • -bad leadership by louis
    • -stubborness of nobles
    • -economic crisis
  7. Philsopical reason?
    The enligjtenment, people were question their old ways (challange the king)
  8. American revolution
    France middle class (boirgeoisie) is not seeing how the american revolirion is forming a middle class which is what they want
  9. Ineffective leaderahip of louis XVI
    • -he could be talked out of things.
    • -he tended to be pirsaded by the last persons advice
    • -marie antoinettes spending habits he could not control her
  10. Intransigence of his nobles
    The nobles would refuse to pay a small amount of tax which xould have sa ed france
  11. Ecominc crisis
    Price of bread has skyrocketed and framce is now broke because of the war
  12. What happened the storming of the bastilles?
    It was symbolic of everything the ancient regieme was about! The urban mob attacked bastille for gun powder and to collect the political (even thought there waant that much). Then they tore it down brick by brick
  13. The tennis court oath
    Louis had made the decsion to lock up the doors for the third estate general , people meet in a tennis coirt and decided they wanted to fight for a consitution. They called themseleves the national assembly.
  14. Whp were the national assembly?
    The people in the tennis court who wanted a consitution
  15. What happened at the march to versailles
    Anger fish women marched miles to reach verailles were they demaned bread, when louis just hide instead of confronting them they simple broke in, stole all the flour and brough the king and queen back to paris to keep an eye on them
  16. Attempt to flee
    Louise XVI and marie disguised them seleves and tried to escape to austria where the were going to re group and come back with an army to fight against his people! This is treason so when he was caught they acsussed him of that!
  17. Bruinswick manifesto
    When the duke of bruinswick said "dont hurt MA or louis or else'' everyone hated that ideA
  18. Wht is guerilla warfae
    Snipers,sneak attacks,sabatoge ect. A new way of war instead of taking breaks and battling in a open feild until they delxare a winner! GW is also done by armed citzens aka everyday people
  19. What is the september massacare?
    The mob thinks that all people in jail would support the enimey armes marching towards paris. So the kill 1600 people in prison
  20. What is the reign of terror?
    A phase of the FR with robeispierre. He and his committe of public safety have lists of people to kill.
  21. When did robeispierre go to far?
    The cult of the supreme being and the execution of danton.
  22. Where was NPB born, prisoned on, and died on?
    • Corsica
    • Elba
    • St.helna
  23. Who waa in the directory of 5 men?
    Napolieon and 4 other
  24. What does a "whuff of grape shot represent?
    Naps arrivel on the scene
  25. Coup d'etat
    To over through the gouverment
  26. What does nap believe?
    That if he doesnt keep winning then he will lose all his power
  27. What good things did nap do?
    • Founded university
    • Napoleonic code
    • Metric system
    • RC church was made the offical church of france
    • Legion of honoir
    • Infastructure of france
  28. What bad things did nap do?
    • Russian invaaion( to many dead)
    • Connitintal system (no trade with britan
  29. Qhen your not weaeing pants your wearing ?
  30. What happenes in 1804
    Nap crowned himself empiror
  31. Whats the key to nationlisim?
  32. Naps last battle was qnd againat who?
    The battle of waterloo against the duke of wellingthon
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