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  1. What is Hegelian dialectic?
    • Helgel thought that ...
    • The majority= THESIS
    • The Minority= ANTI-THESIS

    When the minority has a different idea it will start to be heared. When the two of the come togather its called the SYNTHESIS

    This is a never ending cycle
  2. What does Marx say about Hegels idea during the industriel revolution in England ?
    That its the opposite

    • Majority- ANTI-THESIS
    • Minority- THESIS

    And that there is never gonna be a SYNTHESIS
  3. What does marx say controls all of his idea
    The money $$$ the means of production
  4. What are the factory works called? (poor)
  5. What does marx think is the only way to solve the industriel revolution problem
    Violence; he wanta the people to take over the factorys and run it togather
  6. What does comminism mean?
    Everyone is equal
  7. What is it called when everyine is equal?
  8. What does it mean to be to dogmatic
    To be black and white, narrow minded
  9. What a union?
    When a factory looks after the workers; better improvements and kids cant work under 10
  10. Why did the the industriel revolution happen in England?
    • -coal
    • -investers
    • - enclousre movement
    • -more people=more food
    • -crop rotation
    • -mercantilisim
    • -stem engine
    • -climate of england
    • -navy(protection from pirates)
    • -ships can run 24/7
  11. What made bigger animals?
    Animal experiments (cross breeding)
  12. Who invented the stem engine
    James watt
  13. Whats the new source or energy other then muscle?
    Steam power
  14. What/who are capitalists (investors)
    Usually rich men who are willing to invest in the many new inventions.
  15. What is mercantilism?
    This is englands econmy system. They get raw material from there colonies, take them to england to be manufactured "finish it" and then they sell it back to the colonies. Englands colonies cant not buy from other places except england.
  16. Whats does the navy do for england?
    It provides protection from pirates to all the ships that are going back and forth from england and its colonies
  17. What is social darwinism
    Only the strongest should survive. Some people have "evolved" better then others. "survival of the fittest"
  18. What did Lord "Turnip" Township introduce?
    Crop rotation (using 100% of the field instead of using 75% and letting one fallow)
  19. What is the enclosure movement
    Free pastures are now fenced in so farmers had to pay the landowners to use it to let their cows graze. Most farmers would have to sell all they had to the land owner in which the then went tothe city to work in factories
  20. Whats good/bad stuff happenes during the congresse of vienna?
    • Good- no wars for 100 yrs
    • Bad- any sign of a revilution is stopped
  21. What the difference between romanticism vs. Realism
    • Rom- of the supernatural
    • Real- what life actully was like (a snapshot)
  22. Who are luddites
    Were britsh textile artists who were uncomfortable with all this new machinary. So they violently protested
  23. Whats the big deal about crystel palace?
    Its made out of just cast iron and glass. It is where the great exhibition happened (a worldwide gathering of the latest tech)
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