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  1. Alloys
    A mixture composes of two or more elements atleast one of which is metal
  2. Chemical formula
    An expression that indicates the number any type of atoms present in the smallest representative unit of substance
  3. Coordination number
    The number of ions of oppsite charge that suround each ion in a crystel
  4. Electron dot structure
    A notation that depicts valence electrons as dots around the atomic symbol of the element
  5. Formula unit
    The lowest whole number ratio of ions in an ionic compound
  6. Halide ion
    A negative ion formed when when a halogen atom gains an electron
  7. Ionic bonds
    The electrostatic attraction that binds oppositely charged ions togather
  8. Ionic compounds
    A compound composed of postive and negative charged ions togather
  9. Metalic bonds
    The force of attraction that holds metals togather
  10. Octat rule
    Atoms react by gaining or losing electrons so as to aquire the stable electron structure of a noble gas
  11. Valence electron
    An electron in the highest occupied energy level of an atom
  12. Acid
    A compound that produces hydrogen ions in solution
  13. Base
    A compound that produces hydroxide ions in solution
  14. Binary compounds
    A compound composed of two elements
  15. Law of definite proportion
    The masses of the elements are always in the same proportion
  16. Law of multiple proportions
    The different masses of one element that combines with te same mass of the other element are in the ratio of small whole numbers
  17. Monatomic ion
    A single atom with a positive or negative charge resulting from a gain or loss of one or more valenece electrons
  18. Polyatomic ion
    A tightly bond grpup of atoms that behaves as a unit and has a positive or negative charge
  19. A ionic compound is....
    • 1 metal and 1 non metal
    • Cross the charges
    • Use ion side
  20. Molecular Compounds
    • Non metals
    • Use element side
    • Use prefixes
  21. Acids
    • Use ion side
    • Cross charges
    • Add an H
  22. Hydrated compounds
    CuSO4 • 5H2O

    Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate
  23. H2O
  24. H2O2
    Hydrogen peroxide
  25. NH3
  26. CH4
  27. O3
  28. H2S
    Hydrogen sulfide
  29. CH3OH
  30. C2H5OH
  31. C6H12O6
  32. C11H22O11
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