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  1. Analytical chemistry
    The area of chemistry that focuses on the composition of matter
  2. Applied chemistry
    Research that is directed towards a practical goal or application
  3. Biochemistry
    The area of chemisrty that focuses on processes that take place in organisims
  4. Biotechnology
    The field that applies science to the production of biolodgical products of processes
  5. Chemisrty
    The study of the compostion of matter and the changes the matter goes through
  6. Experiment
    A repeatable procedure that is used to test a hypothesis
  7. Hypothesis
    A proposed explataion for an observation
  8. Inorganic chemisrty
    The study of substances that in genral do not contain carbon
  9. Orgainic chemisrty
    The study of compounds containing carbon
  10. Macroscopic
    Describes the world of objects that are large enoigh to see with the unaided eye
  11. Microscopic
    Describes the world of objects tht can be seen only under magnification
  12. Matter
    Anything that has mass or ocupies space
  13. Manipulated variable
    The variable that is canged during an experiment; also called the independant variable
  14. Observation
    Information obtained through the senses; observation in science often involves a measurment
  15. Physical chemisrty
    The area of chemisrty that deals with the mechanism, the rate, and the energy transfer that occurs when mattee undergoes a change
  16. Pollutant
    A material found in air, water,or soil that us harmful to humans and other organisms
  17. Pure chemistry
    The pursuit of chemical knowledge for its own sake
  18. Responding variable
    The variable that is observed during an experiment; also called the dependant variable
  19. Scientific law
    A concuse statement that summarizes the results of many observations and experiments
  20. Scientific method
    A lodgical.sysmatic to the solution of a scientific problem; steps in the scientific method include making observations, testing hypotehses and developing theroies
  21. Technology
    The means by which a society provides its members with those things needed and desired
  22. Theory
    A well-tested explanation for a broad set of observations
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