SAT Vocabulary 1

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  1. vociferous
    noisy, loud
  2. garrulous
    talkative, chatty
  3. stingy
    unwilling to spend/give
  4. effusive
    expressing feelings in an unrestrained manner
  5. frugal
    simple, plain, costing little
  6. miserly
  7. reticent
    reserved, silent, taciturn
  8. munificent
  9. elusive
    difficult to find, remember, recall
  10. inquisitive
    curious, nosy
  11. deliberat
    • adjective: intentional, purposeful, willful
    • verb: consider, ponder, think over
  12. extraneous
    strange, foreign
  13. superfluous
    unnecessary, needless
  14. impervious
    • not allowing to pass through
    • unable to be affected by
  15. incontovertible
  16. prodigious
    • remarkably or impressively
    • great in extent, size or degree
  17. taciturn
    silent, uncommunicative, reserved
  18. deter
    • prevent
    • discourage someone to do something
  19. curtail
    reduce, restrict, shorten
  20. clandestine
    kept or done secretly
  21. sanguine
    cheerful, optimistic
  22. gargantuan
    great in mass, huge & bulky
  23. diminutive
    extremely or unusually small
  24. detract
    reduce or take away the worth/value
  25. conspicuous
    standing out, attracting notice
  26. recursive
    repetition, reacurring
  27. revered
    deep respect/admiration for something
  28. tenacity
    persistent determination
  29. predilection
    preference, special liking
  30. vindicated
    • clear of blame or suspicion
    • show or prove to be right, reasonable or justified
  31. impetuous
    acting or done without thought or care, impulsive
  32. contankerous
    bad-tempered, argumentative
  33. avaricious
    greedy, miserly, stingy
  34. anachronistic
    chronologically misplaced
  35. terse
    sparing in the use of words
  36. amenable
    • person: open & responsive to suggetion; easily persuaded/controlled
    • thing: capable of being acted upon in a particular way
  37. gregarious
    social, companionable
  38. pristine
    in its original condition, spotless
  39. unmarred
    unblemished, free from physical or moral spots/stains
  40. salutary
    beneficial - esp. in referance to something unpleasant
  41. acute
    shar, keen, penetrating
  42. equivocal
    • open to more than one interpretation, ambiguous
    • uncertain or questionable in nature
  43. pernicious
    having a harmful effect in a gradual way
  44. penitent
    repentant, feeling sorrow and regret for having done wrong
  45. demeaning
    severe loss in dignity and respect for something or someone
  46. impeccable
    faultless, perfect
  47. diligent
    having or showing care, and continuousness in work/duties
  48. zealous
    enthusiastic, eager
  49. terminate
    finish, end, conclude
  50. mannered
    behaving a specific way
  51. pretentious
    showy, attempting to impress
  52. rebute
    • overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof
    • prove to be false or incorrect
  53. insidiously
    a harmful manner
  54. haphazard
    lacking organization, random
  55. derivative
    (art or artist) imitate work of somone else
  56. innocuous
    not harmful or offensive
  57. substantial
    • of considerable importance
    • strongly built/made
  58. incisive
    intelligently analytical, clear, accute
  59. cursory
    hasty & not thorough/detailed
  60. comprehensive
    extensive, large
  61. facilitate
    make easier, simplify
  62. stipulation
    an agreement in law (with terms and conditions)
  63. imperative
    of vital importance, necessary
  64. pertain
    be appropriate, related or applicable
  65. arbitrary
    without any reason system
  66. virtually
    almost 100%
  67. enliven
    make more entertaining, cheerful
  68. concise
    brief but comprehensive
  69. accolade
    expression of praise or admiration
  70. acrimony
    bitterness or ill feeling
  71. defiance
    • open resistance
    • bold disobedience
  72. contention
    heated argument
  73. prejoratively
    expressing contempt/disapproval
  74. ameliorate
  75. redundant
  76. viable
    capable of working successfully
  77. fortuitous
    accidental, random
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