1. Virulent
    Ability for a pathogen to cause disease
  2. Dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  3. Enzootic
    naturally found, endemic
  4. Asymptomatic
    no symptoms
  5. Negri Bodies
    are inclusion bodies specific to the rabies virus, particles in the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells that result from viral infections.
  6. Ante-Mortem
    before death
  7. Septicemia
    blood poisoning
  8. Pyrexia
  9. Hyperemia
    presence of excess blood in the vessels
  10. Erythrocytic Viremia
    the virus in the blood
  11. Diapedesis
    blood cells are escaping out of the vascular system
  12. Leukopenia
    decrease in white blood cells
  13. Epizootiology
    the study of the disease in populations
  14. Polydipsia
    means increase in drinking
  15. Polyuria
    frequent urination
  16. Morbidity
    refers to sickness or illness
  17. Acute
    fast acting
  18. Chronic
    long lasting
  19. Prosector
    the person performing the necropsy
  20. Post-Mortem
    after death
  21. Pathology
    science dealing with the nature of disease
  22. Immunology
    science of the immune system and making vaccines to protect against fatal diseases
  23. Immunity
    being non-susceptible to a disease causing agent
  24. Immune System
    a recognition system that distinguishes between self and non-self
  25. Antigens
    a foreign substance
  26. Pathogens
    a disease causing agent
  27. Antibody
    a protein capable of reacting with a specific antigen
  28. Humoral Immunity
    antibodies in blood plasma and lyph nodes that act on free bacteria
  29. Cell Mediated Immunity
    specialized cells acting on bacteria, viruses that have already infected host cells
  30. Plumbism
    intoxication from hazardous levels of lead in body tissues
  31. Etiology
    study of the cause of disease
  32. Presumptive Diagnosis
    "best guess"
  33. Definitive Diagnosis
    final diagnosis based on data
  34. Myoglobin
    a protein associated with muscle breakdown
  35. Endema
    build up of fluid or congestion
  36. Hyperthermia
  37. Ataxia
  38. Epidemiologic
    study of how the disease moves through the population
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