World History

  1. The way in which people live and work to satisfy their basic needs.
  2. advanced cultures with farming, formed government, use of metals, and city living
  3. people who lived before writing was invented
  4. study of the origins, races, and customs of people, both ancient and modern.
    - study how groups of people live (then and now)
  5. studies fossils and remains of ancient cultures
    -studies fossils and remains of ancient cultures
  6. Study prehistoric artifacts and life styles
    -study fossils, the hardend remains of life forms 
  7. Study earth's surface (rocks, minerals)
    -figure out how old the earth is
  8. Geologists believe the earth is how old
    4.5 billion years old
  9. "upright walking man"
    homo erectus
  10. "thinking man"
    homo sapiens
  11. Archaeologists studied in Ethiopia
    Louis and Mary Leakey
  12. Paleoanthropolgist who found "Lucy" in Ethiopia
    Donald Johanson
  13. Louis and Mary Leakey pieced together a complete skull from fragments where?
    Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania
  14. Peking man
    found in china
  15. neanderthal man
    found in gorge in Germany
  16. Cro-Magnon Man
    art found in cave in Altamira, Spain
  17. 2 million BC - 3 million BC
    Stone age
  18. fire, lived in caves, use stone clubs, religion developed
    Paleolithic(Old Stone Age)
  19. Microlith lived near water, clay for pottery(sun dried), ostracism used
    Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age)
  20. Plant seeds, begin farming, live in communties, bake pottery in hot oven, hold water
    Neolithic (New Stone Age)
  21. Polar ice caps expanded, glaciers gradually moved toward the equator and eventually melted, retreating toward the poles
    Ice Age
  22. Use copper and tin, invent wheel, wheel pottery (symmetrical, many pots), government develops
    Bronze Age
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