Vocabularies 2

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  1. Eulogy
    Praise; a praise-filled speech given at someone's funeral

    She delivered the eulogy at his funeral. 

    He delivered a moving eulogy at his father's funeral.
  2. Eloquent
    Fluent in speech

    (of speech, writing, etc.) characterized by fluency and persuasiveness

    He made a very eloquent speech at the dinner.

    Vividly or movingly expressive; Her only reply was an eloquent glance at the clock.

    Eloquent than any words or actions of hers would have been.
  3. Lateral
    From or at the sides of something; from side to side

    Earth quakes usually casue a lateral movement in buildings.
  4. Gemstones
    Precious, valuable stones or jewels

    Some people keep gemstones in a safe.
  5. Fellow
    Having the same ideas or position; in the same condition or associated 

    My fellow workers and I are all going on a picnic together.
  6. Grave
    Serious, requiring careful consideration 

    Her illness is grave.
  7. Pulp
    The soft part of fruit; a mass of soft material such as wood fiber

    To make paper, wood is soaked and mashed to a pulp.
  8. Concur
    To agree: "concurred on the issue of preventing crime"

    • To occur at the same time; coincide
    • "icy sleet that concurred with a forceful wind."
  9. Anomaly
    Something abnormal or unusual

    A bird that can not fly is an anomaly.
  10. Aforementioned
    Said or written before 

    The aforementioned topic is one of great interest.
  11. Behold
    To look at; to observe 

    The clear blue-green lake is a lovely sight to behold.
  12. Emancipate
    To set free

    Abraham Lincoln is famous for having emancipated people from slavery.
  13. Revere
    To have a deep respect for; to regard highly 

    Some people revere their grandparents.
  14. Scenery
    The general appearance of a place; features of the landscape 

    It's nice to stop while driving and look at the scenery.
  15. Conspire
    To plan together secretly to commit an illegal act.

    They conspired with the terrorists to overthrow the government.

    The government discovered the conspiracy in time.

    I had a persecution complex and thought people were conspiring against me.
  16. Deficit
    A condition of spending more than you have

    The only way to decrease the deficit is to increase taxes.
  17. Refrain
    To hold back; to keep oneself from doing something 

    Please refrain from smoking while in the elevator.
  18. Epoch
    A period of time in history

    Henry Ford's automobile began a new epoch in history of transportation.
  19. Gratify
    • To please or satisfy
    • His achievement gratified his father.
    • She was gratified by his response.

    • To give what is desired to; indulge: "gratified her curiosity."
    • He took advantage of these girls to gratify his own lust.
  20. Disseminate
    To distribute; to spread widely 

    The news of the new king was disseminate through out the whole country.
  21. Apt
    Likely, appropriate; relevant

    The mischievous child is apt to get into trouble. 

    Your statement is not apt to this conversation.
  22. Collusion
    A secret agreement or discussion for a dishonest reason

    The robbers were in collusion before the robbery.
  23. Conspicuous
    Easily seen 

    You look conspicuous in that large purple hat.
  24. Sheer
    Complete or absolute;  

    It is sheer nonsense to listen for an echo in a crowded noisy place. 

    Of transparent cloth

    For her bridal veil, the woman chose a sheer lace.
  25. Discord
    Disagreement, conflict 

    Quarrels over money have brought discord into the family.
  26. Brusque
    Rudely abrupt 

    My girlfriend tends to be brusque when she's mad.
  27. Succinct
    Spoken or written in a clear or precise manner

    Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse "a succinct reply"; "a succinct style"

    Would you try to keep all the major ideas and make the text more succinct?

    His page provides a very succinct summary of legal developments in scotland each month.
  28. Desolate
    Ruined, barren, neglected, lonely or sad

    • Very sad, lonely and unhappy.
    • He was desolate without her.

    • Uninhabited; deserted 
    • A great famine desolated the country. 
  29. Furtive
    Secretive; sneaky

    • Secretive; avoiding attention
    • Furtive glances, waiting for the signal to approach.

    Our first task as practitioners is to document what goes on in this veryfurtive field.

    Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.
  30. Stealth
    Sneakiness; ability to avoid detection

    The act or characteristic of moving with extreme care and quietness, esp so as to avoid detection "the stealth of a cat"

    • A secret manner of acting 
    • If I can't get what I want openly, I get it by stealth.
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