Alcohol/Drug Abuse

  1. Who should be appointed as the Urinalysis Program Coordinator (UPC)?
    E7 and above
  2. How many days of entry into active duty may be processed for administraive separation as a "Defective and Fraudulent Enlistment"
    90 days
  3. Co's may appoint how many DAPA's and assistant DAPA's at their command
    As many as they deem necessary
  4. Other than the minimum one annual unit sweep, submissions in excess of what percentage of assigned personnel in any given month requires Echelon 3 prior approval
    40 percent
  5. The DAPA and assistant DAPA's shall not have had an alcohol incident with in how many years prior to appointment?
    2 years
  6. Commanders, CO's, and OIC's shall submit the initial Drug Alcohol and Abuse Report within how many days of the referrak or incident?
    30 days
  7. What is the Navy's policy on alcohol?
    Responsible use
  8. Who shall not be appointed as the Urinalysis Program Coordinator (UPC)?
    DAPAs and Independent Duty Corpsmen
  9. Entry level education to Drug and ALcohol awarness shall be completed before commissioning or within how many days after entry on active duty?
    90 days
  10. After a urinalysis everyeffort shouold be made to mail the specimens to the NAVDRUGLAB within what time frame?
    Same day
  11. Who's job is it to develop,estiblish and maintain all non-clinical NAvy training and education requirements and objectives concerning drug and alcohol abuse?
    Commander,Navy Personnel Command
  12. Commander,Navy Personnel Command
    Zero tolerance
  13. What percentage of assigned personnel should be tested monthly?
    10 to 20 percent
  14. Commands are strongly encouraged to assign a full time DAPA but are not required too if the command had how many members?
  15. What should be the ratio of DAPA's to sailors be per command?
    1 to 200
  16. Who shall provide drug and alcohol abuse education for enlisted recruits,senior enlisted academy, and officer candidates? 
    Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET)
  17. _____ are filed in the member's permanent service record. _____ are not filed in the member's permanent service record.
    Drug DAAR's and Alcohol DAAR'S
  18. DAPA's Shall not be assigned duties as what?
    Sexual Assailt and Victi,s Intervention (SAVI)
  19. Testing is mandatory for all personnel upom confinement to the brig, and how often thereafter to detect the presence of any drugs in the controlled areas?
  20. Alcohol abuse/dependency screening is mandatory for members who are involved in an alcohol incident if they are what rank?
    All members regardless of rank
  21. Navy personnel who are members of Native American (Indian) Tribes shall be allowed to use Peyote Catus drug as a religiouse sacrament in connection with the bona fide practice of a traditional religion.
  22. All students will undergo urinalysis with in what time frame of reporting to apprentice training and "A" schools or the first module of other training subswquent to completion of recruit training?
    2 weeks
  23. DAPA's and assistant DAPA's are required to successfully complete the DAPA course within how many days of assuming duty unless they have completed the course within the previous 3 years
    90 days
  24. The assistant DAPA should be what pay grade?
    E5 or above
  25. How long must the DAPA have remaining at the command in order to be appointed?
    1 year
  26. Commands shall assign full time DAPA if the command had how many members
  27. Who is responsible for the Navy Drug and ALcohol Abuse Program Policy?
    Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
  28. The Urinalysis Program Coordinator should ship urine specimens in which shipping conatiner?
    12 bottle shipping container
  29. The primary DAPA should be what pay grade?
    E7 or above
  30. The ADAMS facilitator training is a five day course folled by a certification process. Candudates must be of what paygrade?
    E-6 and above or O-3 and above
  31. What is the minimum volume sample that the Urinalysis Program Coordinator can accept from a service member participating in urinalysis?
    30 milliliters
  32. Members who have successfully completed treatment for alcohol abuse/dependence shall have achieved how many years of sobriety prior to appointment as DAPA?
    2 years
  33. What are the preferred methods/procedures of addressunf potential or suspected abuse?
    Command-referral and self-referral
  34. What provides the best results forl a Urinalysis?
    Random urinalysis sampling of small numbers of personnel on a frequent basis
  35. The original specimen bottle, with residual urine, of samples testing positive will be stored (Frozen at -5 to -20 degrees C) for how long following issuance of the positive report?
    1 year
  36. Commands shall submit at a minimum how many unit sweeps per year that includes all assigned personnel?
  37. Members diagnosed as a drug dependent will be offered treatment prior to seperation.
  38. The DAPA is the command's primary advisor for alcohol and drug matters and reports directly to whom?
    The CO or XO
  39. The urine sample bottle holds a maximum of how man milliliters?
  40. To insure 100 percent of Navy personnel are tested annually, commands shall perform what action?
    Conduct an end of fiscal year unit sweep of all individuals not tested in the course of the year
  41. A member is ineligible to participate in the self-referral program until the results of his /her current urinalysis have been recieved by the comman and any potential disciplinary or administrative actions have been initiated.
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