1. What is extrication?
    The removal from entrapment or from a dangerous situation or position
  2. What is Entrapment?
    Means being caught within a closed area with no way out or having a limb or other body part trapped
  3. Who is incharge of teh scene?
    Incident commander
  4. What is EMS personnel resposible for at a scene?
    • Assessing and providing immediate medical care
    • Triage and assigning priority to pts
    • Packaging pts
    • Providing additional assessment and care as needed once pts are removed
    • Providing transport to ER
  5. Simple access?
    • First try to unlock the doors or roll down windows. ( ask the pt to unlock )
    • Try to open every door using the door handle to gain access before breaking any windows or using other methods of force.
  6. Emergency care
    • 1. Provide manual stabilization to protect the cervical spine, as needed
    • 2. Open the airway
    • 3. Provide high flow oxygen
    • 4. Assist or provide for adequate ventilation
    • 5. Control bleeding any significant external bleeding
    • 6. Treat all critical injuries
  7. Removal and transfer
    Reevaluate whether the pt needs to be immediately removed by using manual immobilization and the rapid extrication tech
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