CH6 definitions

  1. anorexia
    lack or loss of appetite, resulting in the inability to eat
  2. ascites
    abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
  3. borborygmus (bor-bo-RIG-mus)
    rumbling or gurgling noises that are audible at a distance and caused by passage of gas through the liquid contents of the intestine
  4. cholelithiasis
    prsence or formation of gallstones in the gallbladder or common bile duct
  5. colic
    spasm in any hollow or tubular soft organ esp in the colon, accompanied by pain
  6. Crohns disease
    chronic inflammation of any portion of the intestinal tract (usually the ileum)
  7. deglutition
    act of swallowing
  8. dysentery
    inflammation of th intestines, esp the colon, that may be caused by ingesting contaminated food or water, which results in bloody diahrrea
  9. dyspepsia
    epigastric discomfort feelt after eating  (indigestion)
  10. eructation
    producing gas fromt he stomach (belching)
  11. fecalith
    fecal concretion
  12. gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    backflow of gastric contents into the esophagus due to a malfunction of the sphincter muscle at the inferior portion of the esophagus
  13. halitosis
    bad breath
  14. hematemesis
    vomiting of blood from bleeding in the stomach or esophagus
  15. irritable bowel syndrome
    abdominal pain and altered bowel function
  16. malabsorption syndrome
    impaired passage of nutrients, minerals, or fluids through intestinal villi into the blood or lymph
  17. melena
    passage of dark-colored, tarry stools, due to the presence of blood altered by intestinal juices
  18. obstipation
    severe constipation
  19. oral leukoplakia
    formation of white spots or patches on the mucous membrane of the tongue, lips, or cheek caused primarily by irritation
  20. steatorrhea  (ste-a-to-RE-a)
    passage of fat in large amounts in the feces due to failure to digest and absorb it
  21. hepatitis panel
    panel of blood tests that identify the specific virus (A, B, or C) causing hepatitis by testing serum using antibodies to each of these antigens
  22. stool guaiac
    applying a substance called guaiac to a stool sample to detect presence of occult (hidden) blood in the feces (hemoccult)
  23. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (PTCP)
    radiographic examination of bile duct structures
  24. sialography
    radiologic examination of the salivary glands and ducts
  25. nasogastric intubation
    procedure that involves insertion of a nasogastric tube through the nose into the stomach to relieve gastric distension by removing gas, food, or gastric secretions
  26. bariatric surgery (vertical banded gastroplasty, RGB, )
    group of procedures that treat morbid obesity
  27. colostomy
    creation of an opening of a portion of the colon through the abdominal wall to its outside surace in order to divert fecal flow to a colostomy bag
  28. pyloromyotomy
    incision of the longitudinal and circular muscles of the pylorus
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