Social Studies

  1. Where does the word Aztec come from?
    The Aztec began as wondering tribes in the north or northwest part of Mexico. This area is called Aztlan, it is the source of the name Aztec.
  2. Where did the Aztecs settle in the 1200s?
    The valley of Mexico.
  3. What was the name of the Aztec capital?
  4. What is located where the Aztec capital once was?
    Mexico City.
  5. What was the language of the Aztecs known as?
  6. What type of writing did the Aztecs use?
    A form of picture writing. They didn't have alphabet so they were limited to what they could express.
  7. Who was the greatest Aztec emperor?
  8. What was an Aztec family group called?
    Calpolli (big house).
  9. Why did the Spanish invade Mexico?
    They were in search of gold.
  10. Who was the leader of the Spanish invaders?
    Hernando Cortes.
  11. Where was the village that later became Tenochtitlan built?
    On an island in lake Texcoco.
  12. What could be found on an island nearby?
    A twin village, Tlaltelolco.
  13. What became Tenochtitlan's major streets?
    The canals.
  14. What linked the city to the mainland?
    3 large earthern causeways.
  15. What did each clan have?
    It's own section of the city that contained the houses and gardens of clan members. They also had their own temple and school.
  16. What was in the center of the city?
    The great plaza, it measured 520 by 600 feet And had over 60 buildings.
  17. How tall was the great temple?
    Over 200 feet.
  18. What did one of the Spanish conquers think the city he saw was?
    He wrote that what he saw was a dream.
  19. How big was Tenochtitlan when the Spanish arrived? How many cities of similar size might they have seen in Europe?
    Larger then any city in Europe at the time. The population was between 200,000 and 300,000.
  20. What now stands where Tenochtitlan once did?
    Mexico City.
  21. What tool did the Aztecs never use in agriculture? What did they use instead?
    They never used a plow. Instead a planting stick.
  22. What provided fertilizer to crop grounds?
    Ashes of burnt trees from slash and burn.
  23. What were chinampas? 
    Small islands formed in lake and swamp areas.
  24. What are chinampas sometimes called?
    Floating gardens.
  25. What was the main crop of the Aztecs?
    Maize (corn).
  26. From what is chocolate made?
    Cacao beans.
  27. How did farmers carry all of their goods to the market?
    They didn't use animals or wheeled vehicles, men carried everything on their back.
  28. What would farmers from distant villages use to bring goods to the market?
    Dugout canoes to move crops over rivers and canals.
  29. Who wrote about visiting an Aztec market?
    The Spaniard Hernando Cortes.
  30. What is trading, rather than buying and selling objects, known as?
    The barter system.
  31. Lunar?
    Pertaining to the moon.
  32. Chinampas?
    Small islands formed in lake and swamp areas.
  33. Maguey?
    A fiber from plants.
  34. Obsidian?
    A volcanic glass similar in composition to granite.
  35. Tribute?
    A gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.
  36. Adobe?
    A dark, heavy soil, containing clay.
  37. Quetzalco'atl?
    The feathered serpent god of the Aztec culture.
  38. Montezuma II?
    The greatest emperor's grandson.
  39. Cortes?
    The Spanish conquer of Mexico.
  40. Tenochtitlan?
    The greatest city of the Aztecs.
  41. Amulet?
    A protecting charm.
  42. Causeway?
    Raised roads.
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