GOV Review

  1. supreme law of the land
  2. what does constitution do?
    provides the basic law of a body politic
  3. first three words of constitution
    we the people
  4. amendment?
    change to the constitution
  5. first ten amendment constitution
    bill of right
  6. 1st amendment freedom
    religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
  7. how many amendments
  8. declaration of independence do?
    declared independent from britain
  9. two rights in the d.o.i.
    life liberty property pursuit of happiness
  10. u.s. economy system?
    free market
  11. what is rule of law
    decesions are made in which arnt legal principles or laws
  12. what stops branch becoming too powerful
    checks and balances
  13. in charge executive
  14. who makes federal law
    house of reps/ senate
  15. how many us senators
  16. senators term
  17. az senators
    john mccain john kyle
  18. how many reps
  19. how long us rep term
  20. us. repes in az
    jeff flake/ trentfranks
  21. us senator brings
    equality in state
  22. y do some state have more reps
  23. what month elect president
  24. president-v/p-?
    speaker of house
  25. qualifictaions president
    natural born citizen, 35, lived in us 14 years
  26. rep qualifications
    7 years lived in u.s, 25 yrs of age, live in represented state
  27. senate qualifications
    us 9 yrs, 30 yrs of age, resident of state
  28. presidential perks
    health care home air force one $400,000 per year
  29. presidents 8 roles
    executive/commander and chief/ legislative/administrative/citizen/party/diplomat
  30. role of legislative branch
    to make laws
  31. how many supreme courts are there and justices
  32. how many courts of appeals
  33. how many district courts
  34. judicial review
    puts legislative and executive acts unde rreview
  35. to vote in u.s.
    18, us citizen
  36. limited government
    power of government to intervene in the excersize of liberties
  37. main political ideologies in u.s.
    liberalism & conservatism
  38. political spectrum left to right
  39. what is not mass media
    political polls
  40. standing comitee
    permenent panal for house and the senate
  41. filibuster
    used in senate to stall time
  42. all power belongs to central government
  43. belief power lyes with the people
    popular sovereinty
  44. congress to overide a veto
    2/3 vote
  45. constitution amendment must be
    proposed 2/3 from senate and ratified 3/4 senate
  46. federalism
    division power of governmanet and state
  47. expressed powers
    powers written in the constitution
  48. implied powers
    powers not written in the constitution
  49. precent
    smallest unit of voting
  50. hard money
    given straight to the candidate
  51. soft money
    given to the candidates organizations
  52. mandate
    instruction goven to elected officials
  53. main problem of articles of confederations
    too much power. lack of government
  54. 3 problems of a.o.c.
    no tax no army no currency
  55. father of constitution
    james madison
  56. powers gov and state share
    concurrent powers
  57. powers given to state
    reserved powers
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