ICT January 2011

  1. Describe the role of a personnel system in a company
    1. stores details of attendance planned holidays or absences can be covered

    2. holds salary details for each employee and much the employee has been paid during their time in the company
  2. dentify four documents that an analyst might examine when investigating a personnel system.
    • 1. application forms
    • 2. qualifications
    • 3. contracts
    • 4. certificates
  3. State the purpose of a hub in a network.
    allows devices to communicate/connect with each other in a LAN
  4. State the purpose of a bridge 
    connects together two LANs/ segments which use the same protocol
  5. Expected Answer Marks Additional Guidance 3 Explain three limitations, for a candidate, of using a computer to answer examination questions.
    1. it may take longer to input answers leaving less time to answer all the questions

    2. need to be able to type accurately to ensure answers can be marked

    3. issues related to health and safety eg length of time sat at a monitor over the period of an examination eg RSI
  6. Describe what is meant by a protocol.
    • 1. a standard set of rules
    • 2. standard methods for communicating electronically
  7. Describe how protocols are used within a network.
    • 1. determine any compression methods
    • 2. determine error checking to be used
    • 3. used to indicate the receiving device has received data
    • 4. used to indicate the sending device has finished sending
  8. Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of encrypting data.
    1. prevents details from being understood by unauthorised parties by rendering the data unintelligible

    2. lost decryption key/wrong decryption key  means unscrambling the data is not possible and makes it unusable
  9. Give a situation where an individual might be prosecuted under the Computer Misuse Act (CMA)(1990) and state the provision of the CMA under which the prosecution would take place.
    by guessing or intentionally discovering the individual’s password and using it to log into the account (1) for unauthorised access to computer material
  10. Describe two problems of enforcing the Computer Misuse Act (1990).
    1. intent has to be proven accidental intrusion is not a crime 

    2. a computer being used for hacking can be tracked to an address(1) but the identity of the individual responsible has to be established in order to prosecute
  11. Resolve the many to many relationship between TABLE and CUSTOMER.
    • 1. new entity in correct location
    • 2. correct degree of relationship between TABLE and new entity and new entity and CUSTOMER
  12. Describe three possible limitations of wireless networking for the wedding outfitters.
    1. distance from base station can reduce signal reception

    2. other electronic equipment can interfere with signal transmission

    3.requires additional hardware raising cost of installation
  13. Explain the importance of matching the online ordering interface to the user's mental model.
    users bring their own preconceptions to the interface interface needs to take account of this so users can operate it successfully
  14. Compare email and video conferencing for giving progress reports on the making of a dress.
    1. video conferencing requires all individuals to be present at the same time to view the dress whereas email can be sent and will wait in the recipient’s in box until accessed and viewed to give feedback

    2. video conferencing is more personal because you can see an individual wearing a dress and see its movement whereaswith email you can only read a textual description or see a still photo or a video which limits viewpoints
  15. Describe batch processing.
    • 1. data is collected together over a period of time
    • 2. minimum user interaction required
  16. Explain why the wedding outfitters use batch processing to create invoices.
    1. invoices can be prepared at the end of a day when the computer and printer are not being used by other processes

    2.customers’ invoices can be calculated and printed without staff being present this increases the efficiency of the network
  17. Describe what is meant by a MIS.
    1. a system that converts data so that managers can interpret the data in a readily usable form

    2. organises and produces summaries of data in the form of charts and reports
  18. Describe this method of changeover.

    1. the results of running the new system are compared with the old system

    2. bugs can be cleared from the system before further implementation takes place
  19. Explain why the pilot method of changeover is not suitable for the installation of the MIS.
    1. it is one system, not installed anywhere else

    2. it can not be trialled in one area first, before fully implemented due to the size of the business
  20. Compare the use of custom written and off-the-shelf solutions for the new stock control system.
    1. the custom written software will do exactly what you want whereas an off-the-shelf solution will contain bloat ware

    2. There will be no unwanted functions with a custom written solution whereas an off-the-shelf solution will contain these, increasing the memory footprint
  21. Explain why the font size and the font style are important considerations when designing the interface of the new stock control system.
    1. the text used on the interface must be in an easy to read size

    2. if the size of the font is too small, the questions or instructions would be illegible

    3. the font style must be clear so that the letterforms make words easy enough to read

    4. font size and font style should not vary too much away from what the end user has previously experienced as familiarity will enhance the ease of use
  22. Describe three factors that must be considered when managing the change to the new stock control system
    1. staff capability extra staff may need to be employed

    2. staff views will need to be taken into account

    3. changes in working practice might require training and an increase in wages
  23. Identify and describe three different types of maintenance that can be used during the life of the stock control system.
    1. Adaptive maintenance to enable the sytem to operate with new hardware

    2. perfective maintenance to if new technology shows that the performance of the system could be improved

    3. Corrective maintenance to fix bugs
  24. Describe three advantages for the wedding outfitters of using fibre optic cable to connect the two buildings.
    1. transmission rates higher volume of data per second

    2.carries digital signals no need for signal conversion

    3. security less difficult to tap in to
  25. Describe how the wedding outfitters could use a virtual network within their LANDescribe how the wedding outfitters could use a virtual network within their LAN
    1. to offer secure remote access to existing resources as if working locally

    2. to provide a secure extension of their private network into an insecure environment such as the internet for workers
  26. Describe how the BCS could support the network manager.
    1. up to date information about ICT prevents being out-of-date 

    2. regular briefings on specific interests

    3. newsletter round up of news
  27. Discuss the use of software based training for this purpose
    •  own pace
    • different learning sytles
    • can learn anywhere

    • impacts
    • 1. feedback to individual student to indicate whether answers are correct or not

    2.feedback to the tutor so progress and module completion can be monitored

    3. self motivation


    1.  geography of learning, not limited to the classroom

    2.  target setting

    3.  planning and preparation of materials
  28.  Discuss hardware and software developments that will enable the wedding outfitter to do this.
    • 1.  GPS systems
    • 2.  tracker systems in delivery vehicles
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